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Money: Is your star sign the key to finance happiness?

Last Updated: November 17th, 2021


Money – have you ever thought about your attitude to it? By nature, are you a spender or saver? Have you been influenced by how you were raised, your partner, your current job/circumstances? Or, is there something bigger at play…

Money: We take a look at each Star Sign and their approach to finances.

Understanding your zodiac response to finances might just help your future approach to the pounds and pence!


An Aries is an impulsive spender, they will buy things on a whim because they feel like it, without much thought to the bigger money picture. Generally speaking, Aries have a high-risk strategy for money, so they make good investors. They certainly like the thrill of being able to make large monetary gains. They probably also won’t mind the odd gamble, whether on the lottery or a horse race. This does mean that when it comes to using money as safeguards like insurance, pension and regular run of the mill savings – you are unlikely to spark their interest!


This star sign likes to understand money. They are probably more likely to invest in things they can see and understand, houses for example, as opposed to the stock market. Purchases for Taurus are about security. They are more likely to spend on what they consider to be quality items than to accumulate a lot of cheap possessions. They are not interested in ‘get rich schemes and will take time to consider any purchases or financial transactions.


Geminis often seem to just come into money. When they need it some appears. If desperation strikes, they will beg and borrow from family and friends. On the plus side, they will return the favour. Getting rich quick schemes are right up their alley, they might go along with things, even if it seems a bit questionable! Having money in the bank does not make them happy, neither does it seem important. Getting into debt also doesn’t bother them, so they are likely to have credit cards and an attitude of buying on the never!


A financial nest egg for the Cancer star sign is essential, without it their sense of security and wellbeing is in jeopardy. They are not against investing, but any move like this will only be done after carefully weighing the pros and cons. It is unlikely they will trust financial advisers, preferring to self-guide their own money decisions. This zodiac sign can be seen as frugal bordering on mean, but they are just careful with money and can still be generous with those that they love. Their natural flair for business and interest in finance should stand them in good stead.


For Leo, life is for living, in all its expensive glory – they spend accordingly! It seems no sooner than Leo has money, that they have spent it. They often live above their means, even when money is tight. They are generous with their finances (part of the problem) and struggle to pull back when needed. Preferring to maintain the façade of a fantastic lifestyle whatever the cost – literally. On the positive side, Leo always seems to be able to generate more money avenues, and plenty of people support the sign along the way.


Virgos are the ultimate savers, not spenders. They love nothing more than seeking out a bargain and take joy in saving a few pounds wherever possible. They are not frivolous by nature, so they consider what they need. A Virgo hates to feel in debt, and so is more likely to feel cash is king. Bills are opened and statements are poured over. They know what money is coming in and out at all times. They are a cautious sign, and long-term investments will play out in a ‘slow and steady wins the race kind of way.


This star sign is a mix when it comes to an approach to money. They do like long-term security, and so plan accordingly. But the mood really has to strike them, to sit down and work out the finances. They are not afraid to get into debt, especially if it is to fund their ‘good living’ lifestyle. Generally, they have good well-paid jobs, so rarely get into financial trouble. Purchases are likely to be in the high-end category, and they are generous with family and friends. Having said that, they will take the enjoyment out of just window shopping – and are not immune from getting a bargain!


The Scorpio is a self-preserving sign, and as such, they will protect their money. They feel happiest when their finances are orderly and in good shape. They will spend time and energy on ensuring wealth for now and for the future. That said to accumulate more money, they can be high-risk investors. They have fantastic intuition where money is concerned, and they often go with gut instinct over financial advice. They are not mean, and on occasion can be lavish in their spending.


Sagittarians are gamblers by nature, they will take risks with money. Whether that is taking a loan, running up debt, or just having a blasé attitude to financial planning. Bank statements, pension forecasts etc hold zero interest to them. They are quite likely to trust others with their money, and take advice on finances from the most unlikely of sources! Ultimately this sign likes and enjoys money, they want to spend whether they have the funds available or not…


For Capricorns the thought of not having enough money is terrible. As such, they plan for the short, medium and long term. They have great respect for finances. They purchase what they need, with good research and an eye for something that will last and be of quality. They feel financially secure and much happier in general when everything is in order. So, you can expect them to look at insurance, pensions, savings, borrowings and more. They will take expert advice and a low-risk strategy with careful considering is key.


This zodiac sign, they are highly influenced by the planets, especially where finances are concerned. They are equally interested in the moral side of any investments, so where to place their money would need to be considered ethical. They will understand what money comes in and what goes out on a month by month basis, but Aquarians will never be driven by money. Those that make a lot of it, probably do so more by chance than design. They can be eccentric and impulsive by nature, and this runs to money as well.


A Pisces is definitely vulnerable to a financial scam, or even just being taken advantage of by a friend or family member. Pisceans are not clued up when it comes to money, they are just not wired that way. They know money comes in and money has to go out, beyond that they fail to get to grips with budgeting. Talking about the future, and making provisions for the long term scare them. Paperwork is often overlooked, so a money disaster could be just around the corner!

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Posted: 26/03/2020

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