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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Lucky dates: 3rd 12th and 25th

Jupiter is in your 5th sky of fun and creativity and brings more happiness into your life. So, you’ll have plenty of time for leisure and pleasure pursuits this month. You manage to enjoy life more as money planet Jupiter has just moved into Pisces, where they shine together. Abundant Jupiter shows happy money – money earned in fun ways. You can experience ‘miracle’ money now and in the next few months. You begin your year with the 3rd sky of interaction/education very strong – this is excellent for students and shows success in their studies. On the 20th, the Sun moves into your 4th sky of home/family, so try to focus on your domestic goals and emotional wellbeing. Many of you will be pursuing your career from home via remote working. However, on a philosophical level, this transit shows it’s good to pursue career goals by methods of the night, through meditation, and creative picturing of being where you want to be career-wise. When next you’re in the day-side of your chart, external actions happen naturally, as the interior ground is already prepared. Love is waiting in the wings!

Posted: July 8th 2019

Last updated on December 31st 2021

All About Scorpio

If you were born between 23rd October and 21st November, then you are a Scorpio star sign.


Scorpios are definitely charismatic, but that doesn’t make them easy to get to know, and this sign likes it just that way! In many cases, this air of mystery, just makes them more alluring to would-be partners.

This star sign craves power and being in control. Luckily, they have a highly tuned intuition, which they are not afraid to rely on. Which often lets them understand people very well. This same trait often lets them sniff out others vulnerability, and a Scorpio is not afraid to use this knowledge to manipulate a situation to their advantage.

Of course, the saying goes ‘a sting in the tail’, which is often associated with the Scorpion icon. It is odd then, that when a Scorpio triggers this action, they often cause self-destructive damage to themselves at the same time!


The ability to get inside the head of another, so to speak can be useful to them, especially on the work front. This sign is also highly tenacious, never giving up, despite setbacks. They have a very strong will and resilience envied by many.

Many a relationship will not recover from the Scorpios sting. Their obsessive and almost compulsive tendencies can make them unattractive and difficult to get along with.

Sometimes Scorpios are quite moody, and their desire to control others often needs reigning in.

Life Challenges

Scorpios are hyper self-critical; they need to learn to dial this back to be truly happy in life.

It is difficult to change the mind of a Scorpio, but being too rigid in their thoughts and opinions will win them little favour at home or at work.

This zodiac sign is very slow to trust, but when they do, if this trust is broken a Scorpio will feel wounded for a long time. They struggle to let such things go, and as such, they carry past hurts and experiences into the future. Which is particularly damaging when meeting new people or embarking on new relationships.

Relaxing is not something that Scorpios are great at, as such stress can build up in their lives leading to illness. But on the whole are more likely to be prone to accidents from fast living or sporting adventures on holiday and the like, than they are to suffer illness.


Scorpios intuition definitely carries over into their leisure activities, they may very well be interested in magic, mystical practise the occult and so on. In terms of sport, they often turn to Martial Arts practices, as well as all water activities. This sign favour IT, and so will be very into technology and gadgets. They do like to improve themselves, so studying and reading etc will still be considered leisure rather than work pursuit for them.


Jobs that are related to water are high on the list, but also professions that involve understanding human nature. Like being a counsellor, or psychologist, teacher, investigator, researcher or even working for the police/military.

Careers that allow Scorpio to lead a team are a great choice. They are calm especially under pressure and are able to tackle and solve difficult problems.

Scorpios will expect loyalty from their team members, but they will treat them and their families well in return. They will be competitive, even as head of the team. Failure is not an option – they will take it personally!


Whilst Scorpio isn’t exactly mean, they also don’t have a what’s mine is your attitude either, whether with a partner or family. When it comes to money, self-preservation is their motivation. They definitely believe in saving for a rainy day and are most comfortable when things are on an even keel financially with well thought out plans.

It is not unheard of for Scorpio to take high risks from an investment perspective. But at the same time, they seem to have a knack for reading the situation, and often come out on top. Which is probably just as well, as they can spend lavishly when the mood takes them.


This sign in the zodiac can be magnetic, they are strong, and their intense brooding looks are appealing to many.

However, it can be very difficult for someone to penetrate Scorpios hard outer shell. They rarely want to let another know what they are thinking, much less feeling. This sign loves passionately and strongly and can experience searing jealousy.

When Scorpio finally commits to another they will be deeply attached. They may demonstrate quite possessive qualities. They will however still want to keep their emotions in check out in public.

This is a faithful sign and loyal, and they will expect the same in return. They show tenderness but are not as romantic as such.

For good zodiac compatibility, signs to consider are Cancer – they are different but in a complementary way to Scorpio. Pisces is very happy for Scorpio to take charge. Taurus and Scorpio make for a very sexy and passionate union indeed, but they are quite similar, so there could be rocky patches.

Two signs unlikely to go the distance long-term are Libra – primarily because their life goals and belief systems are fundamentally too different from Scorpio. Then Gemini, this union may work at the beginning, but eventually, Gemini will feel too stifled.

Key Facts:

Best season: Winter

Lucky number: Three

Luckiest day of the week: Thursday

Likes: Anything magical and mysterious. Discovering secrets and winning!

Dislikes: Trusting others, being analysed, and receiving too many personal questions about them.

Crystals for jewellery, meditation and healing work: Garnet, Labradorite, Pink Tourmaline, Turquoise and Sodalite.

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