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Psychic Glossary - Psychic Terms & Definitions

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  • Akashic Records

    The Akashic Records are an area of the astral plane where records exist of everything that has taken place or will take place on earth. Spirit guides will often assist a psychic to access the vast library of records to find the correct information. The Akashic Records are sometimes referred to as The Book of Life and the Universal Memory of Nature. Akashic is actually a Sanskrit word translating as ‘the fundamental etheric substance of the universe’. Psychics describe the experience of tapping into the Akashic records as if they were visiting a vast cosmic library, where they can look up information and be guided by ‘doorkeepers’ to the information the enquirer needs to know.

  • Angels

    There are many different types of angels, but they are all immortal beings that mediate between God and humanity. They carry human’s prayers to heaven and deliver God’s answers to earth. The Greek word for Angel – Angelos, means ‘messenger’.


    You are probably familiar with the concept of a guardian angel, an angel that is with you throughout life, there to offer guidance when called upon.


    Equally many people have heard of Archangels: Gabriel, representing female power and a divine messenger of comfort and bringer of news. Metatron, the keeper of The Akashic Records – a heaven-sent scribe recording everything that happens, as well as a provider of spiritual guidance and teachings. Raphael, whom you need when you want to regenerate or restore yourself to good health. Raquel, the guiding light on difficult decisions – justice rules the day, it’s all about ethics and behaviour. Michael is a much-loved angel, you can turn to him when you have hit rock bottom, he is about truth, about helping those downtrodden, he will provide fortitude and courage when you need it most. Saraquel, is a repented fallen angel – it’s all about seeking forgiveness and restoring peace of mind. Lastly, Uriel – The angel of enlightenment. Much like our readers, Uriel tells it like it is! Turn to him when you are confused or overwhelmed.

  • Aura

    Every living entity has an aura, a subtle electromagnetic field of energy that surrounds the body. The colours of the aura can be interpreted to determine a person’s health and wellbeing.

    It is generally agreed that there are seven layers to an aura. The innermost being the etheric body, and then working outwards: emotional body, mental body, astral layer, etheric template, celestial body and the outermost layer being the ketheric template. Each layer becomes finer and vibrates at a higher frequency than the previous one.

    In an ideal world, the aura of a person has an egg-like shape, extending slightly all around you, above your head and below your feet. When a psychic reads a person’s aura they are determining any irregularities in shape and also interpreting the colours of the different layers. These will give them clues to the issues the person is facing, from health problems to difficulties in their life at that time. It is then possible to look at ways of both healing and cleansing the aura.

  • Chakras

    Each body has seven major energy centres called chakras, existing on an energetic level they let the body regulate itself. From a clairvoyant basis, the chakras are seen as spinning wheels of energy.

    In a straight line down your body starting at your head, there are seven main chakras:

    The Crown Chakra (Sahasrara), is located at the top of the head, it affects the brain and health, it is also considered to be the gateway to spirituality – and access to higher realms. Through healing or channelling, you will connect with Spirit through the crown chakra.

    The Brow Chakra (anja), is sometimes referred to as the third eye, as you might expect then its location is in between the eyes. It is the creative chakra and encompasses visions, guided meditation and intuition in all forms. This chakra governs the lower brain, the nervous system, the ear, nose and throat areas as well as vision.

    The Throat Chakra (vishuddha), affects the neck, thyroid and larynx and is of course located in the throat region. The name gives away its purpose – communication in all forms as well as self-expression.

    The Heart Chakra (anahata), is located in the centre of the chest (so not in the exact position of the heart), it affects everything in that area physically: the vagus nerve, the heart, the lungs, circulation and the immune system. It provides the connection between our divine qualities and our human qualities. It affects our ability to love and be compassionate.

    The Solar-Plexus Chakra (manipura), is located below the sternum and as such governs the gall bladder, liver, stomach and pancreas. This is one of the few chakras we may be innately attuned to – think butterflies in your stomach when you are nervous. This chakra is where we both store and feel our emotions. This is also where we get our willpower and drive.

    The Sacral Chakra (svadhistara), is below the navel and impacts the lower back, the urinary systems as well as the reproductive organs. So naturally is connected to reproduce, but on a larger scale, it is about imagination and creative arts like painting and writing – any form of craft that comes from your expression.

    The Base Chakra (muladhara), is located at the base of the trunk – the perineum, and such this is all about physicality. It affects everything from your bowel, to your kidneys, to your feet and legs, to your bones, teeth, skin and muscles. This chakra is the densest and vibrates at the slowest rate, it is strongly related to the physical body. This chakra is all about stabilising and grounding you. It is your connection to everything and everyone on earth. It is the chakra that energises the other six and is strongly associated with survival.

  • Clairaudience

    Clairaudience is when a psychic has the ability to hear music, noise or voices as an external sound or within a person’s mind, that are not audible to normal hearing. The word clairaudience is actually French and translates as ‘clear hearing’. The gift appears in many ways depending on the person, for example, some hear voices, others hear sounds, music, bells, ringing, crying, laughter, whispering – they are all possible. The communication may occur during sleep as a form of a dream, or when awake as the voice of a spirit guide or someone that has passed over.

  • Clairsentience

    Clairsentience enables a psychic to tune into another person’s physical or emotional sensations (using smell, taste, touch, gut feeling and intuition). Often it is referred to as ‘Clear Sensing’ or ‘Clear Feeling’. We frequently say most people have some psychic abilities, but many ignore the signs and don’t go on to develop the gift fully, but in this scenario, it is clairsentience that you are most likely to experience. I.e. you will get a fleeting impression of something or someone. You may feel more drawn to a person but with no explanation, you may be impacted by others moods, or affected by your environment and colours – this is your intuition and gut feeling at work.

  • Clairvoyance

    Clairvoyance is the ability that allows a person to see spirit forms as a materialisation or in the mind’s eye. It is to know things without being told. In French ‘clairvoyance’ would translate as ‘Clear Seeing’. The psychic has the power to see an image or event in the past, present or future. Clairvoyance is part of three classes of psychic perception: Extrasensory Perception (ESP), Telepathy and Precognition. Clairvoyant ability happens through your inner eyes, you may receive visions, symbols or images, people or even animals in spirit form.

  • Crystal Ball

    A crystal ball is perhaps one of the most recognisable objects related to psychic powers, but it is not the ball that has the power. In fact, the ball is used for its shiny reflective surface, allowing the psychic to use ‘scrying’ a form of staring at the object whilst entering a trance-like or meditative state. Originally seers would have used nothing more than a bowl of water, and alchemist preferred to use a mirror. Scrying means ‘seeing’, in this tense – seeing into the future. A psychic would stare into the crystal ball until either they see visions in their mind’s eye or on the surface of the ball. The images and visions are then interpreted for the enquirer.

  • Dowsing

    A psychic sometimes uses an object to tune into energy, this is called dowsing. It can be done with divining rods, but also a pendulum. This art of divination was sometimes called ‘rhabdomancy’ or even ‘water witching dowsing’. Today the technique is generally used to locate missing items, generally, more mundane items like car keys, or perhaps an item of jewellery, as opposed to lost treasure or oil in times gone by. Sometimes dowsing is used in a reading to provide more ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers to questions, in this case, a pendulum might be more suitable. An element of training the pendulum needs to take place, so you can attribute the right action to yes, no, etc for example the pendulum swinging in a clockwise direction.

  • ESP

    ESP – or to give it the full name – extrasensory perception is an ability to perceive something without using any of the normal five senses. In the 1930s ESP was known as Telepathy, but ESP became more respectable and so the two skills became blurred, although there are differences among them. Telepathy is where emotions and thoughts are transmitted from one person’s mind to another. Whilst ESP is an ability to perceive something without using the normal five senses – for example clairvoyance, dowsing, remote viewing etc. You may have heard of Zener cards or ESP cards which are a deck of twenty-five cards designed to test whether someone has telepathic powers.

  • I Ching

    To many I Ching is a philosophy in itself, it is an ancient Chinese method of divination, and it is closely linked to Yin and Yang. The name I Ching actually translates to ‘Book of Changes’, and this is a direct reflection of the changes and altering directions our lives will take throughout the journey.

    The I Ching is actually made up of sixty-four interrelated hexagrams, each with their own commentary. To divine the future – a question is asked – and then three coins are tossed (sometimes yarrow sticks are used instead of coins). The coins are thrown a number of times and a hexagram is formed. The lines and whether they are broken or unbroken provide an answer to the question. The I Ching oracle is actually capable of providing four thousand answers without repartition.

    In essence, The I Ching does not predict the future but is there to guide the searcher to the right answer for them. It is very much aware that there are many possibilities depending on the various approaches taken in life and into any particular situation.

    The I Ching is based on Taoist philosophy which at its simplest describes the universe as operating under fixed laws, i.e. there is no such thing as chance or coincidence, but merely ‘cause’ and ‘effect’.

  • Master Spirits

    Prophets or great teachers that once lived on earth are what are known as master spirits; psychics will often connect with master spirits or ascended masters to provide you with guidance, they are known for their pure spirituality and wisdom.

    Master Spirits are considered very sage and are revered for their astuteness, they come from every culture, civilisation and religion, and any one of them can assist you spiritually. Gods and Goddesses are also considered under the umbrella of master spirits.

  • Medium

    A medium acts as an intermediary between Spirit and a living person. They get their information from spirits of the dead that is not available through the normal senses. They are often referred to as ‘sensitives’, and many will have spirit guides that act as gatekeepers of information.

    A medium may use channelling to receive messages from a non-physical entity, such as ascended masters, guiding spirits, guardian spirits, angels, deities and more. The medium may enter a trance-like state or an altered state of consciousness, to obtain information from a higher power that has completed their round of earthly incarnations and have journeyed beyond the soul.

  • Remote Viewing

    Remote Viewing is an ability to see a location, event or object in distant locations that would be beyond the range of the normal eye. Essentially it is observing a place or person through psychic means.

    In time gone by remote viewing was referred to as ‘travelling clairvoyance’, and it used many skills sets: precognition, retrocognition, telepathy and clairvoyance. During remote viewing, a psychic may describe a location – that could be anywhere in the world in great detail despite having never been there. They may also see events, these can be things happening simultaneously, but often it is an event that happened long ago.

    Some people would dispute whether remote viewing is a psychic phenomenon or in fact a skill that can be learned, harnessing an underlying innate intuitive ability. However, the information is achieved in today’s world a modern application might be in locating a missing person or assisting in solving a crime.

  • Runes

    Runes are a form of divination through the use of the ‘Runic Alphabet’ which is made up of 24 stones with engravings on them, each having a very specific meaning. Ru comes from the Indo-European root, meaning a secret mystery.

    Runes are often kept together in a velvet pouch; each stone is inscribed with a Norse symbol. Rune readings can be as simple as ‘asking a question’ and pulling out one rune stone and interpreting the corresponding meaning. But equally a future can be divined by carrying out a spread where a number of stones are selected and the type of rune, as well as whether they are cast up or down determines the meanings.

    A rune reading should be considered more like a route to personal growth, it is not straight-forward in terms of yes or no answers but can provide useful direction for questions being faced.

  • Tarot Cards

    Tarot cards are a psychic tool that allows a reader to make a strong connection with their intuition and the psychic realm to deliver a reading. A Tarot deck is made up of 78 cards, 22 of these are the Major Arcana and the rest is the Minor Arcana. Typically, the cards are shuffled and laid out in a specific spread (there are many types of Tarot spreads). Then each card is turned over and interpreted individually and in relation to cards placed around them.

    Arcana is the Latin word for secret, you may be familiar with some of the Major Arcana cards like Death, The Fool, The Magician and so on. There are broad interpretations for each card, and like with runes, in a spread whether a card is drawn up or down alters the meaning. Many people believe that Major Arcana represents a soul’s journey to awareness – essentially a spiritual transformation.

    The Minor Arcana looks very much like a normal deck of cards that you would be familiar with – numbered cards one to ten and then court cards: King, Queen, Knight and Page. But instead of diamonds, hearts, clubs and spades, you have: Swords (difficulties or ill-fortune), Wands (knowledge), Pentacles (success – financial and material) and Cups (love and good fortune).