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Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Lucky dates: 3rd, 14th & 26th

Virgo’s life is seldom quiet and relaxed, maybe partly since your ruling planet, Mercury, is regularly busy changing signs or directions! This cosmic fast mover is now on excellent form, managing to go at warp speed (or almost) so that it touches on three different zodiac signs – Taurus, Gemini and Cancer – through the course of June. Variety is clearly the spice of life this month. And it may feel like your feet barely touch the ground, until Saturn serves up a good reason why they ought to, around the 12th.

Posted: July 8th 2019

Last updated on May 31st 2024

All About Virgo

Were you born between 22nd August and 22nd September? Then, that makes you a Virgo!


Virgos are naturally quiet, they go about life in an efficient, self-reliant way. Virgos can be described as ‘control-freaks’, they do like to have everything just so. This often leads them to believe if they want it done right, they should do it themselves. Making them something of a workaholic.

It is in-built into a Virgo, that they should serve others. They are often very selfless and many other zodiac signs will rely wholeheartedly on them. They always seem to have things under control. As an Earth sign, Virgo does possess very practical skills.

You will generally find that Virgos are very well-groomed. Whilst their profession or leisure activities may not require a uniform, you may find they adopt a uniform of sorts anyway. They are stylish, and yet orderly, and will take function over fashion.


This star sign is known for its efficiency, but they are also creative, practical and reliable. They treat their role at work or as part of the family, and in life with great integrity. They have fantastic amounts of common sense, they go through life in a humble, reserved manner with much grace. This sign always has time for others, and is there for others, especially in their time of need.

Virgos set themselves impossible standards, and then are disappointed if they perceive they have not met them. This can knock their self-esteem, and allow self-doubt to creep in. They can also be critical of others, and a bit self-righteous, making them come across as pedantic and obsessive.

Life Challenges

Dealing with emotions is not Virgos strong-suit. Feelings are far too messy and uncontrollable for a Virgo to feel comfortable. So, they may feel tempted to brush things under the carpet, so to speak.

Having an in-built fear of failure can render a Virgo more likely to play it safe. They are born worriers. When problems arise, they will often try and dissect it into manageable chunks for them to process. But of course, life is not that simple and it can result in them not seeing the bigger picture.

Healthwise Virgos are prone to burning out, from doing too much, caring for others, worrying and generally being a perfectionist. When they succumb to illness, they are best left alone to deal with it, but encouraging them from the side-lines is welcomed.


Whilst you might not think of Virgos as naturally athletic, they will include some sort of sporting activity in their lives. Knowing it will look after their long-term health.

What a Virgo really enjoys in their leisure time are practical projects, and tasks that utilise their intelligence. Anything from crafts, theatre, reading, chess etc. They will also take pleasure in pursuits that mend things, and also charity work, which very much plays to their strength of serving others.


A Virgo’s attention to detail, desire for things to be clean, neat and organised often leads them into healthcare roles. Anything from a Nurse/Doctor, Dental positions, Pharmacist or Dietician for example. But this sign is also well suited to many professions, from Analyst, Researcher, Inspector, Book Keeper and more.

This zodiac sign craves stability, and enjoys routine, but can also handle complex data and systems. They are self-disciplined and do great in supporting roles.


A Virgo sign will always have money in the bank, and a sensible stash of cash for emergencies. They like to live within their means and will budget and plan to spend accordingly. It helps that they are bargain hunters by nature, and enjoy shopping around for a good deal.

They do not like the feeling of being in debt, and so likely would only owe money for things that cannot be bought outright, for example, a mortgage on a house. Virgos will always know the ins and outs of their money on a day-to-day basis.

The cautiousness of this star sign, may not stop them from investing for the long-term, but they are likely to take less growth for less risk.


For a Virgo to fall in love, their partner must have certain qualities: devotion, be a decent person with a good moral compass, be discreet and able to handle a relationship and feelings with care.

Virgos may wait years and years to meet ‘the one’. They can be frightened of romance. For them it is about showing commitment, support and fidelity. As well as showing caring towards Virgos greater family and friends. Love is not entirely emotional or sentimental for Virgo, and definitely not dramatic. It is much more practical in nature, about two people fitting together and complementing each other’s ways.

You might imagine that Virgos are strait-laced and devoid of passion, but this is not the case. They are charming and possess a certain amount of finesse which they use to great effect when trying to seduce a mate. But that said, they generally do look for long-term relationships and not one-night stands. When they finally make a commitment, the partner should be aware that they consider it to be permanent, regardless of marital status.

Don’t be surprised if a Virgo analyses a relationship with a pro/con list, much the same way that they might tackle a work problem. Whilst this might appear clinical to most, it is just Virgos practical nature striking through. Good zodiac sign matches for Virgo are Taurus, Scorpio and Capricorn. Ones that make long-term success unlikely are Gemini Sagittarius and Aquarius.

Key Facts:

Best season: Early autumn

Lucky number: Five

Luckiest day of the week: Wednesday

Likes: Being neat and tidy, and creating order. Making and ticking things off lists. Art & craft projects.

Dislikes: Noise, chaos, clutter, disorder, mess and dirt.

Crystals for jewellery, meditation and healing work: Blue Topaz, Carnelian, Moonstone, Opal and Sodalite.

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