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Leo Monthly Horoscope

Lucky dates: 4th 10th and 30th

The Lion Kings’ power this month is in your 3rd sky of intellect/interaction, so it’s a great period for attending lectures and seminars on subjects that interest you. With Money planet Mercury also in your 3rd sky it’s good for mercurial activities. PR/ marketing, buying/selling, but best to wait to make important sales until Mercury goes forward on the 18th. However, Mercury makes good aspects to Jupiter on the 2nd and 3rd. With lucky Jupiter, your creative abilities are enhanced, and it’s an excellent time for those involved in writing/teaching, results happen but with delays. On the 8th and 9th your Ruler, the Sun travels with Mercury showing a good financial period. Later the Sun takes a sojourn with fortunate Jupiter on the 14th and 15th. From the 23rd onwards life seems to revolve more around a powerful home/family sky. Even career and financial opportunities happen through kinfolk and family connections. The message is simple: get your home/emotional life in order and everything else will fall into place. As King Solomon said ‘“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he”.

Posted: July 8th 2019

Last updated on September 30th 2021

All About Leo

If you were born between 21st July and 21st August, then you are a Leo star sign.


As you might imagine from Leos icon – The Lion, they like to be the centre of attention, they want to be adored, and they love to primp and preen! Leos love life and this makes them infectious to be around. They are fun and charming in equal measure. Naturally, they are born leaders, they like nothing more than telling others what to do…They expect special treatment, as they whole-heartedly believe they are special. For this star sign, pride is everything!


Leo folk are creative and warm spirits, they bring light and sunshine into the lives of those that know them.

This sign wants to live the good life, with the best of everything. Their pride and sometimes arrogance can prove to be traits that undermine this otherwise charming character. Bossing others around and lording over them what they have, can come across as brash and vulgar.

Life Challenges

The Leo star sign does think things over, however, their conclusions will often be based on intuition, rather than fact. They need to learn to be more flexible and to think less in black/white or in straight lines. Ultimately, to ensure details are not overlooked.

Their strong belief is a good character trait, but forever showing an overconfident face to the outside world. Means it can be tough for people to get to know the sign.

Leo always believes that great and amazing things will happen. But of course, life is not always like that, so this sign will take knock-backs hard, with a longer recovery time than others.


For Leo’s appearance is key, so anything that is likely to make them look worn out and sweaty is off the table! Anything that involves clothing/kit that will make them look glamorous and fabulous – and they are in… If a team sport is on the table, then Leo will definitely want to be Captain. They often excel at activities that play to their personalities, so think acting, dancing or debating, essentially, they are performing. Creative/art like pursuits is also interesting to them. As are hobbies that allow them to explore strategy, like board games, especially competing with others.


The world really is their oyster to a Leo, when it comes to the job front. Many of their pastimes could also make good career choices. For example, working on television or on the stage, a professional dancer or actor. This sign also does well in the area of fashion, whether it be designing or dressing windows or even modelling. Positions of authority suit a Leo, but they would need others working with them for the finer details.


There is no doubt that Leo’s are generous. Maintaining a high-end lifestyle comes at a cost, and so this star sign is definitely in the spending not saving category. These are the sorts of people that somehow manage to maintain a glamourous standard of living even when seemingly are broke! Others around them will often worry about their sending, but Leo’s will rarely give it a thought. They do seem to have a knack for generating more money in the nick of time, just when needed most.


Leos of either sex do not have any trouble in attracting partners, their liveliness and beauty make them highly desirable. Love for this star sign is often of the high-drama variety!

When a Leo is in love, they can be highly romantic, they are very attentive and generous and they have many good qualities that help a relationship. Like being protective, caring and supportive. In fact, Leos will compromise quite a lot and sacrifice for the sake of a relationship.

In return for such loyalty, they will expect to be adored! The love must feel unique and special (they want to be the envy of everyone). Leo will feel more secure if the partner is dependant on them to some extent. They will expect and demand total commitment!

It has to be said that Leos are not as upfront as they could be when it comes to ending a relationship. They are more likely to gradually withdraw from a partner, or even behave badly, to force the loved one to confront the situation for them.

Good zodiac love matches for Leo are Gemini, Aries and Aquarius. There are much laughter, fun and passion to be had in these relationships. Difficult matches are Taurus – the signs are just too different. Scorpio, both are too opinionated, making compromise difficult. Capricorn, in the end, these two signs long-term goals and life aspirations don’t match up.

Key Facts:

Best season: Late summer

Lucky number: One

Luckiest day of the week: Sunday

Likes: Being revered, shopping, fine dining, arts, theatre, fashion – living a life of luxury.

Dislikes: Having to budget money, living within their means, being judged or laughed at.

Crystals for jewellery, meditation and healing work: Ruby, Cat’s Eye and Chrysolite.

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