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Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Lucky dates: 8th, 12th & 17th

Planets collecting in Taurus, alongside May’s new Moon, are in tune with beneficial opportunities coming your way to create a more solid future for yourself. This may relate to social networks as much as to financial stability; perhaps even interlinked together. Since outer planet Uranus is part of the significant lunar picture, you may also be in touch with a need for distance from certain involvements. It’s up to you to decide where to create space or, alternatively, close a gap because there are people or situations you now miss.

Posted: July 8th 2019

Last updated on April 30th 2024

All About Cancer

Those born between June 21st and July 20th are born under the Cancer star sign.


It can be easy to side-line a Cancer star sign; they are just not showy or in-your-face. They do play things close to their chest, so they can be hard to read, their thoughts and feelings are often deeply buried.

Underneath it all, they are kind and compassionate, but you might have to break through a tough and prickly exterior first.

They are a mix of personality traits; on the one hand, they can be extroverted and ambitious and desire success. But they do have a need for approval – a need to belong and to be accepted. These two sides often clash, and when things go wrong an element of self-pity creeps in.


Cancerians have a shrewd mind, they are business orientated with good memories. They can be highly intuitive to others needs and protective when needed. If forced to show their vulnerability – you may well see other more undesirable traits alongside like jealousy and possessiveness. This is really driven by their emotional insecurity.

Life Challenges

Putting others first and always trying to tune into others needs, thoughts and feelings can leave their own lives lacking. They need to strike a better balance.

They can get stuck in a merry-go-round of making decisions, based on what has happened to them in the past, rather than based on the information at hand. Leading to over-emotional thinking and a lack of intuition being trusted.

This sign would be helped by not letting things fester, they can feel put upon, but when they do, they must learn to speak up, or misunderstandings occur and resentments build.


Activities based around the home often satisfy Cancerians. For example, DIY, knitting, crafts, collecting things, attending local fairs. Of course, there is a strong connection to water and as such activities in and around this always delight, think sailing, swimming, fishing and more…The caring nature of this sign always lends itself to volunteering and charity work.


Professions that involve caring for others are where Cancerians shine the most. Roles as a Nurse, Social Worker, Teacher, Caterer, HR Manager would all fit the bill.


The Cancer star sign will always need substantial savings or investments to fall back on, they cannot be happy or secure without a nest egg. This may mean that they live quite frugally, however, they are generous with loved ones.

Cancerians rarely use outside counsel, such as Financial Advisors, they prefer to manage their own money affairs and will research thoroughly a choice. They do seem to have a flair for business and investments, and so do well in this area.

This sign is sentimental, and so they are not averse to spending on gifts or items for themselves to celebrate or commemorate certain occasions. It could be investing in an antique, a jewellery item, or in a non-object way, they will spend on a night out, day-trip or holiday, and photographs provide an excellent memory of the occasion.


The Cancer zodiac sign falls hard as and when they do fall in love. They do take relationships seriously. If you are an early stage of dating – they are likely to let you know how they feel and whether they want to pursue things further.

Cancerians can be affectionate, although it is much more likely – if things are going their way! As creatures of habit, they like the day-to-day rhythm of being in a relationship.

As you can imagine from the Cancer icon (the crab), they can revert into their shell. Making them hard to read. This is most likely to happen when they feel threatened, or as if things are off track romantically. It is a case of retreat before anything bad happens, hoping to protect themselves from hurt.

Taurus is a fantastic match to Cancer, often making a lifetime commitment to each other, and sharing many same goals. Pisces another water sign is also a good option, as is Scorpio where communication is great. Difficult matches would be Aries or Libra, they just don’t have complementary qualities and things can end in tears.

Key Facts:

Best season: Mid-summer

Lucky number: Two

Luckiest day of the week: Monday

Likes: Food, their home, sentimental items.

Dislikes: Being the centre of attention. Feeling like they don’t belong.

Crystals for jewellery, meditation and healing work: Amber, Emerald, Moonstone, Pearl and Ruby.

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