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Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Lucky dates: 4th, 19th & 23rd

Sun, Venus and Jupiter connections with Neptune on May 19th and 23rd look helpful for making progress with new plans – or finding inspiration if you’ve been feeling at all lost. There is surely a pathway through with healing an issue; you likely just need to find the right person, modality or other offering. A Piscean superpower is the ability to tune in empathically and intuitively. And, besides, what looks like a duck and quacks like a duck probably is a duck! Remember that you are looked after in mysterious ways.

Posted: July 8th 2019

Last updated on April 30th 2024

All About Pisces

Were you born between 19th February and 20th March? Then, that makes you a Pisces!


Pisces can be characterised as intuitive, kind, often psychically connected, with an inbuilt desire to not hurt a soul.

This star sign has a gentle persona, they find it difficult to be assertive and saying no isn’t in any way natural to them. This often gets them into trouble, when they commit to something, but don’t see it though – they may never have any intention of trying, they just didn’t know how to turn it down.

As a zodiac sign, Pisces can lack focus, in work, in relationships and just in life in general. They sometimes struggle with the day-to-day reality of life.


A Pisces psychic intuition is a fantastic skill that leaves many in awe. It also makes them highly empathetic, and they have a great ability to see someone else’s perspective.

A Piscean mind can be manipulative, and sometimes irrational. Playing the victim wears thin on family and friends.

This sign sometimes bends too much to match whoever they are spending time with. Making it hard to identify where the real Pisces starts and ends.

Life Challenges

Absorbing others thoughts and feelings psychically or otherwise can lead them at times to be unsure of their own emotions. They need to learn to be more their own person, so they feel less pulled in all directions.

Unfortunately, Pisces has a certain vulnerability, their willingness to listen to others can mean some people will take advantage of them. Once the game is up, Pisces will blame themselves and feel much guilt. They would do well to learn not to take everything and everyone at face value.

Pisces are generally very healthy when they are in loving relationships, they feel much more centred in these circumstances. The sign can have a tendency to lean on crutches, whether that is food, drink or otherwise to get them through depressive patches.


As you might expect from Pisces – the fish, any hobbies that involve water are perfect. They might choose a cruise as a holiday, fishing and sailing as hobbies and swimming as a sport.

Pisces are also lovers of the arts, so enjoy theatre, poetry, opera, ballet and more. They may take up pastimes that are creative like painting or photography.

Of course, Pisces also take an interest in all things spiritual.


The fact that they may experience addiction as a way of coping, may mean they have turned this into a career experience. Perhaps they counsel others. Or work in healthcare. They are also highly interested in alternative therapies and may turn this into a paid hobby or job. Pisces may have religious roles as an occupation or more spiritual healing positions.

Jobs that allow a Pisces to use their imagination are fantastic. Strict routine, repetitive tasks and working in a tight-knit team, probably fill them with dread. They are rarely interested in power and rising to high-ranking positions within an organisation. A pleasant working environment is a must for Pisces, a job that involves travel would be welcomed.


Pisces have enough trouble with the present, so financially planning for their future is just not on their radar. They don’t spend much time thinking about the money ins and outs, and opening bank statements and the like just doesn’t happen. Pisces is a soft touch when it comes to family and friends borrowing money, and the sign is generous by nature.

Luckily Pisces does not have a craving for the high-life or for creating status from wealth or possessions. Their lack of material needs plays well to their devil-may-care attitude with money.


Pisces often have very expressive faces, and eyes like pools that you can dream into. So, attracting a mate is rarely a problem.

To be truly happy Pisces needs a feeling of romance, real love to be felt and affection to be shown on both sides. Being in love provides colour in Pisces world.

In relationships Pisces are romantic, they are keen to show their loved ones how they feel, and they want to please them. Much like in life Pisceans can be taken for granted in love, and they will not easily see they are being used or betrayed.

This is a star sign that wants their love acknowledged, they like a big fuss to be made around anniversaries and other big yearly events. Pisces love children, and can’t imagine a home and long-term relationship without family.

When relationships do break-up, Pisceans are one of the signs that will try and remain friends with their ex. However, sometimes they will leave a union with no real explanation. They might have drifted into another dalliance, or simply feel that they are not getting enough reassurances that they are loved and are loveable.

If a Pisces feels like they are on a path of rejection, they will become all the clingier. They will promise and try to change their ways, doing practically anything to change their partner’s mind. Which can leave an emotional mess for both sides if eventually, the break-up does happen?

Compatible zodiac signs for Pisces would be Scorpio – as another water sign, there is a deep connection. Cancer – literally ‘love at first sight’, with potential for fantastic emotional bonds and Taurus – both love romance and being in love.

Difficult star sign matches are Gemini, who are just too opposite, with not enough in common – they are just not on the same ‘feelings’ wavelength. Then Sagittarius, there really isn’t enough trust between this pairing, leading to arguments.

Key Facts:

Best season: Early Spring

Lucky number: Seven

Luckiest day of the week: Thursday

Likes: The mystical world, magic, water, romance and the arts.

Dislikes: Saying no, hurting anyone, being truthful and time/detail constraints.

Crystals for jewellery, meditation and healing work: Amethyst, Beryl, Fluorite, Moonstone and Smithsonite.

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