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Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Lucky dates: 7th 16th and 26th

Lucky Taurus – you’re still in a yearly financial peak until the 21st. Money planet Mercury starts moving forward on the 3rd, which provides more clarity and confidence. Your fiscal planet Mercury in your own sign until the 14th; is a classic sign of prosperity. Just carry on with the daily routine, and money will find you. Ruler Venus also enters your money sky on the 23rd, which is very favourable, as she’s your greatest fan. So, you are very focused on finances these days; and adopt the image of wealth. Good health also means looking good – the vanity factor in health is very strong. Venus in your own sign adds beauty and grace to your image; you’ve always had an excellent artistic taste, so this is a good time for buying chic clothing. Venus also travels with Uranus on the 10th & 11th, which brings you a surprising career opportunity. As your material circumstances improve, so does your self-confidence; however, emotional stability is the key to your wellbeing. Relax and renew links with nature by visiting historic churches/country houses and their glorious gardens to uplift the spirits with fresh country air.

Posted: July 8th 2019

Last updated on May 31st 2022

All About Taurus

If you were born between 21st April and 20th May, then you are a Taurus star sign.


The Taurus sign is risk-averse and can be inflexible by nature, but they make up for this with determination. They are most comfortable when an established routine is in place, it makes them feel happy and secure. But of course, it can also get them stuck in a rut on occasion. Taurus loves the high-life, they want to enjoy the best of everything, including arts like theatre and music. They are definitely sensual people who seek out pleasure and like a bit of self-indulgence. They are reliable, dutiful and loyal, making them great friends as well as employees. They are conventional and do not like upset, but they have a light side to their personality making them fun partners.


This zodiac sign is full of common sense, a highly underrated trait. They have great integrity and are resilient. Whilst they are very practical in nature, and see things through, planning and organising as they go, Taureans are also creative and artistic.

Their thoughts on a topic or how to do things can become fixed, they may struggle to see a point of view from someone else’s perspective. People may mistake their wanting of the best things in life as aloofness, and appearing above their station. Their aversion to risk means they will play it safe wherever possible.

Life Challenges

Taurus may find it difficult to forgive and forget, they are not great at letting things go. Which in turn can make it hard to move on.

A Taurus sign needs to be secure, can create feelings of jealousy and possessives over people or things they own. If they feel threatened, a temper can be unleashed that you would rarely otherwise see.

It is easy for Taurus to live their life too safely; they have such a fear of being judged.


Taureans have a strong connection to the Earth, and so hobbies that involve nature or arts are perfect. Like gardening, sculpture or even carpentry. They absolutely love their homes, so interior design, antiquing and cookery would all be enjoyed. They, of course, love food – so meals out is high up on their enjoyment list. In terms of sports, they like both solo pursuits like yoga and judo, but also some team activities like football.


As a star sign, Taurus makes good team-players. They will also happily get on with mundane jobs, that others will reject or put off until the last minute. They are diligent with information and are detail orientated as well as a patient.

Jobs connected to their pastimes would definitely suit, think landscape gardener, food critic, artist, or even an estate agent.


As you might expect, Taurus’ need for security also runs to money, so you can expect them to be avid savers. Tucking away money for their future and in case of an emergency.

Having said that, their fondness for high quality means they will spend on material possessions. Including property – investments that are more traditional and that they can truly research and understand.


This zodiac sign plays things quite close to their chest, they don’t move quickly when it comes to relationships. They want time to size up a potential partner. So, it could be some time before their feelings are revealed. Taurus makes a big effort on the dating front; they will put their best foot forward both in terms of physical appearance and conversation.

Once a relationship is established, you can expect a Taurus to be quite possessive. They won’t really want to share you and will want more and more of your time and attention. Of course, their rigidness will also want you to follow their lead and do things their way.

This is an affectionate sign; they are very caring and once committed will be truly devoted to their chosen one.

A good match for Taurus is the Cancer star sign, who are equally as involved in love, family and the home. This match also makes for a good communication scenario. Virgo and Pisces could also work. Another Taurus or Leo would not make for a good love match, as there is too much stubbornness and digging in of heels.

Key Facts:

Best season: Late Spring

Lucky number: Six

Luckiest day of the week: Friday

Likes: Luxury and comfort. Retail therapy. Good food.

Dislikes: Feeling uncomfortable, uncertainty and change.

Crystals for jewellery, meditation and healing work: Emerald, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, Tiger’s Eye and Topaz.

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