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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Lucky dates: 6th, 8th & 11th

Venus and Uranus connection well on July 8th, bringing new zing and excitement into a situation or relationship. Don’t be afraid to try new venues or strategies, as you could be pleasantly surprised at how interesting things turn out. A Mars/Uranus alignment in mid-month has an unpredictable quality; aim to go slowly where care is needed whilst taking advantage of any real opportunity for success. The Moon in Aquarius promptly follows the Capricorn full Moon on the 21st, cracking feelings open and adding a new light to an existing situation.

Posted: July 8th 2019

Last updated on June 28th 2024

All About Aquarius

If you were born between 22nd January and 18th February, then you are an Aquarius star sign.


Aquarians can easily be described as quirky and restless. They are also a bit changeable, moving from unpredictable and touchy, to stubborn and rebellious! Friends might call them ‘genius’, they do have inventive and original ideas. They can also be perfectionists, and revolutionary – feeling a need to change the world and make it better. Aquarius really can be enterprising, especially when it comes to social change.


The Aquarius star sign really does possess the ability to look into the future, and see what social constructs need to change. They will work hard to begin that change now – making them unpopular some of the time. They are highly motivated and have a hefty social conscious.

It is easy for people to dismiss Aquarians as eccentric, hippy or even anarchists. They have to work hard to prove to people that their ideas are for the greater good, and they are just not following the latest fad.

Life Challenges

A need to change things is sometimes held above all other things by this zodiac sign. They can also get frustrated when things don’t move at a pace that suits them. They need to learn to let other people catch up to their ideas.

On an emotional front, Aquarians can be chaotic. They can come across to others as a bit aloof. Their changeability also comes to the fore again, so sometimes they want structure and routine from life, job and partners. But at other times they feel stifled by these constricts being in place!

To function properly Aquarians do need some structure in place – access to fresh air and open spaces, regular exercise of a variety they enjoy and good quality sleep. But often they will forgo these and run on nervous energy, but this only takes them so far. Burning the candle at both ends is not a good idea for this zodiac sign, they are much less anxious and more rational when good health housekeeping is in place.


Aquarius will definitely campaign, and protest and quite happily see this as leisure time! They love a good debate, they enjoy reading, furthering their education, political and charity work. On the sports front, they enjoy singular activities like running and skiing and duo sports like tennis and dancing.

This is quite a spiritual sign, and so astronomy, astrology, mind/body/spirit and paranormal all hold an interest to them. Restoration projects, IT and gadgetry also intrigue them, they may pick quite obscure hobbies.


Career choices for Aquarius run parallel to their hobbies and interests. So, they might work in the charitable sector. As a researcher, with technology, as an engineer, in social work – are just a few possibilities.

Aquarians work well with groups of people at work, it is essential that their mind is put to good use, and that any job is varied. Jobs with a routine nature, or where they are the key decision-maker is unlikely to suit.

Jobs that allow for experimentation, analysis and fresh ideas with changing projects would match Aquarius down to the ground.


Aquarians tend to swing widely between madly spending money, and spending nothing at all! Money-making schemes that haven’t panned out, and developing new ideas can all cost money, so debts are not unlikely. Other times, they will scrutinise financial paperwork to know exactly what money is coming in and what is going out.

They are not money orientated by nature, and again fuelled by a social conscious will only invest ethically. They are also prepared to share their wealth, especially with windfalls, believing they are duty-bound to help others.


The fact that Aquarius is friendly and open people, means they usually have many admirers. They may try to keep a certain distance from would-be suitors, but this is really a protection mechanism as they are quite afraid of deep emotional feelings.

The most successful relationships for Aquarius probably starts with being friends first. Allowing mutual respect, and common interests to form a bond. This star sign will not be tied down easily, in respect of moving-in together, getting married etc. They are likely to guard their independence for quite some time.

As advanced as their thinking is, they often look for traditional roles when it comes to relationships. Aquarians are tolerant of others foibles, just as they want a partner to be of theirs. They are loyal and faithful once committed.

When in a relationship Aquarius is monogamous, but be warned that they can have their heads turned. Their natural curiosity can lead them to wonder what else is out there.

From a zodiac match perspective, another Aquarius may provide the most compatibility – literally, no one understands an Aquarian better than another Aquarian! Gemini could also be a good option – Aquarius will be hard pushed to find Gemini boring. Even a Leo could work, there is a lot of mutual attraction and trust with this pairing.

Difficult matches are between Virgo and Aquarius – there is just too much tension for things to work long-term. Taurus is just too different, in this case, opposites do not attract. Capricorn likes boundaries, whereas Aquarius wants freedom, so this is not a match made in heaven either.

Key Facts:

Best season: Winter

Lucky number: Four

Luckiest day of the week: Saturday

Likes: Change, computers, innovation and unruliness.

Dislikes: Conforming, guidelines, instructions and routine.

Crystals for jewellery, meditation and healing work: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Blue Obsidian, Labradorite and Magnetite.

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