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Libra Monthly Horoscope

Lucky dates: 13th, 23rd & 25th

What you may not realise, but which could become clearer this month, is that the footsteps of the past have left significant imprints, which will help to support your path in the future. There may well be a reconnection with someone significant soon, or revisiting a place that has been foundational for you. Recognising what remains of value, and that which can now be discarded could provide a major breakthrough. Venus linked creatively with Saturn in midmonth indicates that other people can be there for you more than you expected.

Posted: July 8th 2019

Last updated on April 30th 2024

All About Libra

Those born between September 23rd and October 22nd are born under the Libra star sign.


As you might expect from Libras icon – the scales, this is a personality that can swing between extremes, but sometimes just wants to balance – or sit on the fence, so to speak.

Again, as you might imagine from a sign with an icon of two halves, they feel more complete when they are part of a romantic relationship.

Libras are the ultimate people-pleaser, they always want things to have harmony. If they need to manipulate a situation or people to make this come about, then this sign is not above using this technique.

Despite their desire to keep everyone happy, they are actually quite ‘tough-cookies’ underneath it all. They have good judgement and are quick thinking.


The innate draw for a Libra to please means sometimes they are paralysed when it comes to making a decision. On these occasions, they will literally stand on the fence, and make no choice one way or the other. They do have an in-built need to be fair, but invariably in life when you are faced with a choice, someone loses out. It is this that will cause Libra to lose sleep at night.

The Libra star sign can be a bit lazy, and so on occasion will not deliver on promises. Equally, their desire to pursue being perfect can lead them to the opposite when they gloss over issues and fail to see problems at hand.

On the plus side, Libra is very diplomatic and have great powers of mediation, and excel in their ability to negotiate, which helps them both in life and at work. Libras can often be called upon when others’ feathers are ruffled, they can smooth the way quickly and help everyone get to a middle ground.

Life Challenges

Libras are most likely to fall ill if they spend long periods of time alone. As a sign, they do best health-wise when their environment is calm and pleasing to the eye. They have a good constitution and generally are well. They will soldier through, but secretly love a bit of attention from loved ones at these times.

This star sign’s desire to be in a romantic relationship and a fear of being alone can often lead them to make rash decisions. They can fall too hard too fast and have intense emotions.

The personality of a Libra does have some inconsistencies (again going back to the scales). For example, they are very intelligent and yet can be extremely gullible. They are fun-loving and good-natured but can turn to petulancy the moment they have to take orders.


You may well find that a Libra plays a musical instrument, they also like other arts pursuits, like poetry readings, theatre, exhibitions etc.

Libra are sociable creatures, and so you will find them shopping, going to the cinema, out for dinner, live music events with friends and loved ones.

On the sporting front getting sweaty is not Libra’s cup of tea, but for good health, they may pursue calmer activities like T’ai chi, or singular activities like swimming.


A Libras love of all things beautiful means they are drawn to jobs and careers that have this in mind. Think interior designer, graphic artists, personal shopper or beautician. But equally, their connection and desire for fairness and justice may lead them into legal professions or welfare work.

This star sign makes good networkers, and also great advocates for a business’ services – naturally promoting things. They want to get things right and will take the right amount of time to do so. They make careful decisions at work and can be trusted with financial responsibilities.


There is no doubt that Libras like the good life, and as such, they may go into debt for what they want. That’s not to say that they don’t make financial plans, they just don’t always live within their means, so plans sometimes go by the wayside.

On occasion, if a Libra puts their mind to it, and decides to make a long-term financial plan like investing, saving, retirement pension etc – then they will plan meticulously.

Libras love to shop, window-shopping will almost always turn to buy! They do like a luxury, and high-quality products. They don’t just spend on themselves; they will spend generously on their loved ones as well.


Under ordinary circumstances, Libra is not a particular jealous sign, if they feel the relationship is threatened in some way, they are more likely to place blame at their own door.

This sign is a little bit too willing to bend to their partners will, adapting and changing themselves to suit. They need to work hard to be truthful to their own needs and personality when in a relationship, to ensure both parties are happy and satisfied.

It is very easy for a Libra to be in love with love itself, rather than properly in love, such is their eagerness to be in a union. They do enjoy romance but are happy if a partner is not overly demonstrative.

A Libra is okay with their other half having separate interests, they don’t smother. They do look for loyalty and they want a monogamous faithful partner. Above all they want to feel cared for, understood and loved.

In terms of compatibility with other star signs, there is real potential with Leo – this coupling will have no commitment issues. Sagittarius and Libra have great emotional compatibility and Gemini/Libra balance out each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Cancer, on the other hand, is a difficult match – there is just not enough trust between the signs. Capricorn and Libra may make it work for a while, but in the end, it will just feel like too much energy on a day-to-day basis.

Key Facts:

Best season: Mid-autumn

Lucky number: Six

Luckiest day of the week: Friday

Likes: Keeping the peace, a harmonious environment, a beautiful home and work-space.

Dislikes: Bother and disturbances. Arguments. Differing opinions. Making decisions.

Crystals for jewellery, meditation and healing work: Ametrine, Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Peridot and Sunstone.

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