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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

Lucky dates: 4th 23rd and 31st

Cushy Capricorns love-sky is sizzling this month, as you’re still in the midst of a yearly love and social peak. Let go of the ‘I’m-in-charge’ mood for now, let others have their way, as long as they promote fair-play. Cultivate your social skills and allow your good to come through the grace of others.

The Lunar Eclipse (5th) occurs in your own sign, so take it easy over this time and reschedule meetings. Once again current relations get tested but it sounds like they will survive. The eclipse energy pushes you to redefine yourself, with the result of a new wardrobe and image just now.

Mercury, Jupiter and Mars get a glancing blow by this eclipse. This means changes at work, family dramas, home repairs and even spiritual changes. Saturn moves back into your own sign on the 2nd so finances will go much easier up until the 22nd. After the 22nd you’ll have to work harder to attain financial goals. The Sun’s move into your regeneration sky on the 22nd is a good transit for the beloved.

Health-watch tips for Caps: good eating habits, more rest and a little meditation will be helpful. Why not visit one of England’s historic houses once open, or take in a drive-in movie? For July Capricorn colours are moss green, dark red of sunset, camel, coal black and dark shades of earth brown.

Posted: July 8th 2019

Last updated on June 30th 2020

All About Capricorn

Those born between December 22nd and January 21st are born under the Capricorn star sign.


If you were to describe a Capricorn, it no doubt would go something like this: strong, disciplined, ambitious and resilient, with a desire to resist change at all costs!

Capricorns are dutiful, and will take on much responsibility in life. The negative impact of this, is their life can at times feel joyless and lack spontaneous energy.

Often Capricorns are ‘old heads on young shoulders’, so they come into their own in later life, when others have caught up with life experience. In the early years, they often concentrate on studies, and then doing well professionally. Catching up with social matters and delving into spirituality in more mature years.


This star sign is wise, and can tackle difficult problems and tasks. They are organised, like fine detail, but also have a great ability to see projects through to fruition. They have a sarcastic wit, that sees them through many a serious topic and have bags full of patience, admired by many.

Capricorns have a tendency towards rigid thinking, and their natural pessimism colours many of their thoughts and decisions. They want success in life, but they need to have that success validated by outsiders to feel like they have truly made it.

Life Challenges

Although Capricorn has many admirable attributes, thinking laterally or creatively is not one of them. They are often determined to go the conventional route, something that especially at work can hold them back.

Capricorns are self-confident, but often experience feelings of isolation and loneliness. But even during these times, they find it incredibly difficult to reach out to others and show warmth and affection. They are often confined to what they think they should feel, as opposed to acknowledging how they actually feel.

On the health front, Capricorns can be dragged down by their responsibilities, and so gloomy periods can catch up with them. If they are struck with illness, they very much adapt a soldier on approach.


The great outdoors does call to Capricorn. Any pursuits from walking, climbing, camping, cycling that allow them to experience a rush of nature is highly welcome.

This star sign also enjoys many hobbies from museums, eating out, reading, genealogy and more. Pursuits that give them an outcome like pottery, DIY or gardening are great.


A sense of order, responsibility, and ambition makes jobs in professions like politics, law, banking, teaching, architecture, or even care sectors all viable career areas.

This zodiac sign can assume a lot of responsibility and will rise to the challenge. Capricorns are not afraid of hard work, and they will put in long hours. They will be respected in the work-place, but may not make the best team-players.


As you might expect from such a responsible sign, they take money matters very seriously. They do not spend frivolously. When they need to purchase something, it will be well-researched and Capricorn will go for quality and longevity.

You can expect a Capricorn to have finances well-planned from an early age, believing you are never too young to start. Insurance policies will be the top of their list, to safe-guard against the unknown.

Capricorns are not risk-takers, so they will seek expert advice for investments, and will have a slow and steady cautious approach over the long-term.


Whilst Capricorns can be shy and a little awkward around would-be partners, they are nevertheless interested in love. This shyness can make it difficult for this star sign to make the first move.

Once in a relationship Capricorns are very considerate of their loved one’s feelings, and have a very caring approach. However, don’t expect them to declare their love on a daily basis, as they are not emotionally wired that way. But their feelings and devotion will shine through in the many small things they do for a partner on a day to day basis.

Faithfulness is a high priority for a Capricorn once a commitment has been made. They do look for long-term relationships, someone to make a family and home-life with.

If a union is failing, it is unlikely that Capricorn will act, separation would be an absolutely last resort – their sense of duty will come to the fore.

In terms of love compatibility with other star signs, Taurus would be a good match. They have similar attributes, and a need for security. Virgo also wants order and respect to be part of a loving relationship, so can be a good option. Sagittarius would be a very difficult coupling, as this star sign is far to spontaneous and unpredictable for Capricorn to ever feel comfortable. Equally Leos high energy, and tactile affectionate nature would not completement Capricorns shy disposition.

Key Facts:

Best season: Winter

Lucky number: Eight

Luckiest day of the week: Saturday

Likes: Routine, rules, certainty and principles.

Dislikes: Those that go against the grain, disorganisation and upheaval.

Crystals for jewellery, meditation and healing work: Amber, Black Tourmaline, Garnet, Jet and Malachite.