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Aries Monthly Horoscope

Lucky dates: 1st 11th and 30th

It’s summertime for Aries – a new chapter in your Book of Life when you can have some fun and get in touch with your magical inner child. You begin one of your yearly pleasure peaks on the 23rd. It’s a good time to have a holiday and enjoy more leisure and creative kinds of pleasure. Even if you’re working there are more fun/holiday activities happening. Time will solve your problems when you change your attention. Focus and allow more joy into your life. Joy releases stress and when this happens, perhaps you’ll find it was stress stopping your progress. Retrograde planetary activity increases after the 20th, it won’t affect you too much as you’ve taken the more ‘patience’ lesson to heart. Slow down and do everything as well as you can, this won’t stop delays but will diminish them. The power in your health/work sky is the strongest this month. Job-seekers have success after the 23rd. Venus in Virgo is good for making money. Love sparkles after the 16th as Venus enters romantic Libra. Bliss!

Posted: July 8th 2019

Last updated on July 31st 2021

All About Aries

Those born between March 21st and April 20th are born under the Aries star sign.


There is no doubt that Aries has a large ego! They are assertive and driven, and not afraid to speak their minds. What you see, is what you get – so to speak. The Aries symbol of a Ram is a perfect metaphor for this star signs characteristics – they charge head-long into situations, fully dynamic and confident. They are independent by nature, so don’t make great team-players, especially as they are always fully sure their opinion is the right one! If and when something does go wrong, they tend to just shake it off and move on.


Aries are straight talkers, so you will always know where you stand with them. They are passionate and like to ‘work-hard’ and ‘play-hard’. They are doers and problem solvers. Aries is courageous and exciting to be around.

This star sign is not above using manipulation to get what they want, and will occasionally bend the truth if it suits their needs. They can be selfish and restless creatures. Sometimes they lack the ability to go the distance, whether that is at work or romantically speaking.

Life Challenges

On the health front, Aries normally have a strong constitution, but their tendency to lead their lives at full pace, can create stress and so tension headaches may be par for the course.

One of Aries’s biggest challenges is overcoming their boredom threshold. They have a very restless mind, and that can lead to impulsive decisions, and flitting from one project or person to the next

To have long-lasting relationships, and a fulfilling happy life Aries has to learn to be more self-aware, less self-centred and more empathetic to others.

This sign appears to have the ultimate in confidence, but there is a vulnerability to them. A certain naivety or child-like personality can cause problems when they struggle to get over their complex feelings to others.


Aries like to be on the move, so exercise pursuits like cycling and running that take them some distance are perfect. Hobbies will often be taken up to satisfy their wanderlust and need for an adrenaline rush. Which could mean anything from mountain climbing… to motorsports?


There is no doubt that Aries like to be in charge, so they will often turn to self-employment. They make good bosses if they can rein in their tendency towards always being right. Their entrepreneurial spirit serves them well.


In terms of investments, Aries would probably be considered financial risk-takers. They are not above impulsive purchases. They like to have enough money to be able to spend without too many restrictions. Boring aspects of prosperity, like savings and insurance policies, are not interesting to them. Whereas the thrill of making money quickly and easily, whether through the stock market or gambling, is very appealing.


Just like in work, Aries likes to take charge of relationships too. They are generally faithful once in a committed relationship, but sometimes they will move on rather than work through difficult times/problems.

They are passionate in life and in love – don’t expect too many quiet nights in on the sofa watching TV! They will be generous with their money, time and emotions. In return, they will want reassurances that they are loved and that their feelings are reciprocated. For all of Aries’s bravado, deep-down they need to know you adore them.

If and when arguments occur, take heart in the fact they will quickly be over and forgotten. Aries can be sulky as a star sign – but in this case, flattery will get you everywhere!

Relationships that work the best, are where the partner accepts Aries’s self-orientated nature as well as their need to be the best, win and be right. Good matches are Sagittarius, Gemini, and Leos. Matches unlikely to go the distance are Cancer, Capricorn, and Pisces. Signs not in these categories may well work for a while, or may just make better friends than lovers.

Key Facts:

Best season: Spring

Lucky number: Nine

Luckiest day of the week: Tuesday

Likes: Comedy, Excitement, Being Liked and Sex.

Dislikes: Rest & Relaxation, Quiet and Being Ignored.

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