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Lucky dates: 10th 15th and 21st

This is a time to focus on your career and the outward affairs of life. You can best serve your family with your career success, plus enjoy much emotional satisfaction. Our wayward twins will also be compelled by their strong transformation sky to look at their lifestyle.

Your 8th house of transformation heralds a deeper insight into mystical matters and a positive shift in your direction. So, this is a month for practising the science/art of rebirth with some in-depth psychology thrown in. However, things can’t transform when you are weighed down with non-useful goods or outworn mental and emotional patterns. Clear them away and you can start to blossom.

The Lunar Eclipse (10th) occurs in your money sky and highlights certain financial areas are in need of a revamp. It’s not a solo effort, be prudent, call in the experts! Your beloved will happily share their fortune with you. Rest in the arms of love, and embrace “The kiss of Sun for pardon, the song of the birds for mirth,” as sentiments for the New Year.

Posted: July 8th 2019

Last updated on December 31st 2019

All About Gemini

Were you born between 21st May and 20th June? Then, that makes you a Gemini!


Of course, you will know that Gemini is the definition of a dual personality. At one point they may be happy, charming and communicative, and the next – sarcastic, moody and critical.

Geminis have a child-like quality, which is very endearing – they are both talkative and sociable. This sign doesn’t really want to age or grow up.

You will find their attention is split much of the time, whether that is holding down more than one job, placing interest in multiple people and hobbies or just flip/flopping on thoughts and feelings.


In this sign, their weakness – a tendency to change paths is also their strength – they are highly versatile! They do tend to spend an awful lot of time analysing the feelings of others, but could do well to work more on their own empathy skills. This sign can be manipulative and they will bend the truth if it is to their advantage. But their ideas flow fast and freely, and they are the ultimate multi-tasker.

Life Challenges

Gemini do have great verbal abilities, but they will struggle to know when to use them to good effect, and when they are just narrating their life with no reason. Not everyone needs to know everything about them, nor will they always be interested.

They can go through life looking for a battle, they need to realise it is not always essential to win an argument, and it certainly isn’t worth lying or manipulating facts or people, as a means to an end.

Gemini uses sarcasm in many ways, to be funny, to get a point across, to be heard and to cut someone else to size, as well as a defence mechanism. They must learn that no everyone takes to this type of wit, and that not every situation suits a pun.


Communication pastimes often suit Geminis, so writing, coding on computers and languages are all popular. They might sit still to watch TV or a film, but don’t be surprised if they accompany this with another task. They may well play an instrument, and equally enjoy competitive sports like squash, or relaxing but focused activities like t’ai chi. They also love to shop!


Journalism, broadcasting, writing, teaching and advertising would all make great jobs for Gemini. Things that use their communicative abilities to great effect. Whilst putting them centre of attention, and keeping things interesting with no two days the same.


This star sign is very resourceful, they always seem to be able to get out of a tight spot, and land cash just when they need it most. Money in the bank for them, is just not a priority.

Gemini are natural gamblers, they will often be the ones having a flutter on some race/event or another, and can win even on a whim. Much to the chagrin of those around them with more expertise.

They can run up debts easily, and are not shameful about borrowing from family or friends to get out of trouble when needed.


If you are talking about first dates, then literally anything goes with a Gemini, they are up for trying new things. A boring conventional date is probably not the way to a Geminis heart.

Gemini do make for unpredictable romantic partners – there will literally be ‘never a dull moment’. You may have to get used to plans being swapped at the last moment.

Quite often this star sign will need to go off on their own and be independent, which can be tough on their other halves. Especially as they probably wouldn’t tolerate the same behaviour from their loved one – a typical Gemini double standard!

Leo and Gemini are a great love match, there would be much socialising and laughter between them. Aries and Aquarius could also work. A Pisces romance on the other hand is unlikely to go the distance, Cancer and Scorpio would also probably struggle long-term.

Key Facts:

Best season: Early Summer

Lucky number: Five

Luckiest day of the week: Wednesday

Likes: Books, games, puzzles, social media and the internet.

Dislikes: Fixed opinions. Rest and relaxation. Feeling bored.

Crystals for jewellery, meditation and healing work: Calcite, Citrine, Green Tourmaline, Sapphire and Topaz.