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Star Signs Explained: Aquarius

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Those born between January 20th and February 18th under the sign Aquarius are often said to be the zodiacs most mysterious and unusual people. This month we will be taking an in-depth look at the star sign, discussing its history and mythology as well as the unique traits of an Aquarian. Basic Facts: Your element: Air Your ruling planets: Uranus Symbol: The Water Bearer Your stone: Amethyst History & Mythology Aquarius is the eleventh astrological sign of the zodiac, originating from the constellation Aquarius the water carrier. Many ancient cultures have different myths involving Aquarius, but in general the mythological significance of Aquarius relies heavily on the importance of water. The existence of all ancient cultures depended on the supply of water. In Greek Mythology, Aquarius was Ganymede, the son of Tros, king of Phrygia. The god Zeus, admired the boy’s beauty so much he sent his eagle Aquila to kidnap the boy to serve as cup bearer on mount Olympus.  The young prince inspired Zeus to cast his image eternally in the night sky. Whilst this is perhaps the most well-known example, other cultures signify Aquarius differently. The Egyptians associated this time of year with the god Hapi, who was thought to be responsible for the annual flooding of the river Nile.  In some images he is seen watering the earth from two large jugs. Traits Aquarians are said to be strong individuals who do not follow the crowd. They are independent, friendly and honest as well as being fiercely loyal. For these reasons, Aquarians are valuable friends who will not hesitate to be there if you need them. They make great leaders and work well in groups, and often have unusual thoughts and ideas. They are often looked upon as eccentric or unusual for their determination to not be like any other. However, because of their strong sense of independence, Aquarians can sometimes come across as cold or detached to those that don’t know them. Their unusual ideas can often cause them to be unpredictable and rebellious as they embrace their eccentric thoughts. Famous Aquarians            Famous Aquarians include figures such as Oprah Winfrey, John Travolta, and Bob Marley, all of whom are noted for their individuality and strong characters which perhaps could be attributed to their success. When taking into account unpredictable and rebellious Aquarians, James Dean can be seen as a classic example of an Aquarian who did not follow convention. If you would like to discover more about what is in store for Aquarians this month then don’t forget you can visit our horoscope page which is updated every month. Finally, if you haven’t heard, Psychic Light has just launched Gift Vouchers! You can now treat a friend or loved one to a Psychic Reading. Simply go to our Gift Voucher website page  www.psychiclight.com/gift-vouchers Select the amount of money you want to pay and we will email you a gift voucher for the correct amount of minutes that you can present to the recipient. 10% bonus minutes are given for all purchases over £60. A pre-pay account is set up with the purchased minutes and once they are used up the recipient can continue to use the account and top up minutes as and when they like. For full details on the pre-pay service see the FAQ page: www.psychiclight.com/pre-pay-faq  

Posted: 20/01/2016

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