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Elements & Astrology

Last Updated: March 3rd, 2020


The chances are you know what astrological sign you were born under, but you may not be aware of the elements. We explore the 12 zodiac signs and the four elements – Fire, Earth, Air and Water, and the impact they have on your personality and disposition in life!

Elements – Fire

Fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Characterised by their spontaneous and sometimes hot and bold temperament.

Words used to describe those born under Fire are intuitive, positive, creative, visionary and aspiring. They can however be impatient, volatile and hot-tempered!

Just like fire itself, these star signs can burn hot, wild and in an ever-changing direction. They are all consuming in their energy, as they search for meaning in everything.

These star signs have a joyful approach to life – living every moment as if there is something to explore, and a new experience around every corner. They trust their instincts, and for better or worse leap into the new.

Aries most expresses the passion, ego and immediacy of fire. Whilst Leo represents the heart and warmth of fire. Sagittarius is about the journey and the unpredictability.

When Fire signs are at their most balanced, they are inspiring and affectionate – getting things done. When things are off kilter, projects risk over-heating and they themselves are at risk of burning out!

Elements – Earth

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn make up the Earth signs. These signs are happy as long as their basic needs are met. They are often described as ‘down to earth’, or ‘salt of the earth’ folk.

Productive, practical, determined, conservative and honourable are ways you might describe these Earth signs. They can also be slow to take action, be overly cautious and sometimes pessimistic, with an overt need to feel secure.

At the heart of these Earth signs is an ability to be self-sufficient. They can be relied upon at home, with family and at work. They are efficient, steadfast and patient.

Earth signs are creative people, and they like to be amongst nature and have a sense of belonging with a tangible connectivity with the world and other human beings. They do not like chaos, they prefer to shape their environment, getting things on a firm footing.

Taurus craves physical interaction with the wider world. Virgo is the most adaptive of the Earth signs, looking for patterns but moving with the changes. Capricorn is the most likely to shape the future, they are very driven.

When Earth signs are off balance, they are likely to spend more time sleeping. They will probably spend too much time in their head, with emotions swimming around them. Their vision for the future and their ability to take action become slow and lethargic.

Elements – Air

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are the three Air signs. From a disposition standpoint, they are lively and communicate with thoughts coming thick and fast.

These Air signs have great instincts, they are intellectual and into technology, but are able to build good rapport with people around them. They are life planners, and don’t shy away from innovation to get things moving.

You might describe Air signs as positive, forward-thinking and ideas people. On the downside, they sometimes speak before they think and they are not always the most practical of signs.

Air signs are able to process vast quantities of very complex data. That said they may not always be great at seeing how things fit together – they may need to rely on others to get them to the finish line.

All of these signs are driven to discuss ideas and concepts. In relationships they will take a connection based on mutual interests and shared intellect over passion. Material possessions is not a motivator at home or work.

For the most part this sign is rational, intuitive and fair. They can be incredibly graceful and social too. Gemini, just has to say what is on their mind – but they are adaptable. Libra connects through intellect and the mind above all else. Aquarius is the least able to change. They often have fixed points of view, and can focus very much on what might be, rather than what is actually happening.

When Air signs are showing signs of imbalance it usually means they are unable to concentrate, and are flitting from one thing to another. At these times their communication may fail them, with them struggling to get across what they mean.

Elements – Water

The three Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. These signs have great empathy for others, they are reflective by nature and highly sensitive. They have both good imagination and intuition.

Water signs would be considered introverts, they are probably the most subtle of the elements. They are very concerned with feelings, both theirs and others – this can lead them to being irrational at times, making decisions based on emotions alone.

Their sensitivities make them great intuitives; they sense things and have precognition. When they trust their gut instinct, they are usually right. They are at peace, and tranquil most of the time, and definitely mild-mannered. Some people can take them for being boring and monotone and even passive. But it is just not in their nature to put themselves forward. It makes them no less interesting than any other element.

Cancer does sense others vulnerabilities, they are very caring, but can also show possessive and defensive tendencies. Scorpio are very deep, but they don’t like to reveal too much about themselves, so getting to know them can be a challenge. Pisces emotions do go up and down, much like the tide of waters, and they struggle with boundaries.

At their best, Water signs are tuned into their emotions, but not being ruled by their feelings. At their worst they are self-indulgent and overly sentimental. Without an emotional attachment, they can become aloof and detached.

Posted: 03/03/2020

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