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Teeth Dreams: Dream Interpretation

Last Updated: September 28th, 2023


Dreaming about changes to our teeth is one of the most common dreams we experience when we are asleep. If you’ve had this dream before, you’ll understand the effect it can have on you even after you wake up. Teeth are an important part of our appearance. Which can symbolise how we feel about ourselves and also how others perceive us. The four most common dreams associated with the mouth are:

Teeth Missing | Teeth Falling Out | Teeth Breaking | Teeth Rotting

Read on as we explore some of the most common meanings behind dreams about teeth…


When you dream about losing your teeth, you may have woken up feeling distressed and confused. Losing your nashers in a dream can sometimes relate to feeling that you’re ‘missing a piece of a puzzle’. Perhaps in your waking life and that you don’t feel complete. If you still aren’t sure why this dream is occurring. Below are a few more suggestions that may resonate with you…

You feel as though you are losing control of your job, work and/ or personal relationships

You do not want to let go of something/someone

You’re afraid of failing and being embarrassed

You are afraid of being abandoned

Falling Out

This dream is one of the most common we experience, but why? Dreaming about your teeth falling out usually relates to stress in your waking life. Whether you’re feeling anxious about exams, workload, relationships or family problems. Stress is a common theme throughout many of our lives. Dealing with this stress can be incredibly draining and holding yourself together may be harder than you originally thought. Below are a few suggestions as to why you are dreaming about your molars falling out…

You are stressed about school or exams

Feeling stressed about your job

You’ve been dishonest and are afraid the truth will come out

You are scared about growing old

You’re feeling inadequate

Teeth Breaking

Crumbling or teeth that break reflects your current mental situation. You may be feeling anxious about the future or worried about getting older; you do not feel as strong as you used to. As we get older, we tend to worry more about our situation more and what the future holds. As such, this dream is very common for women going through menopause, getting married or having children.

Teeth Rotting

If you’ had this dream you may have been living in fear and your insecurity has become visible to others. You may have been trying to hide something. However, the rotting of your teeth symbolises that people are able to see through your dishonesties. If this is the case, find the strength to be honest and resolve the situation before it develops.

Psychic Dream Interpretation at Psychic Light

Whatever the issue; Psychic Light are here to assist you in tackling the more stressful areas of life. By having a professional assist in analysing and explaining the cause of your problem. You will have made the first step to addressing the issue.

If you are unsure about what area in your life is affecting your sleep, call Psychic Light today for advice. Speaking with one of our experienced psychics may help you understand the deeper meanings behind your dreams and provide insights into how your daily life is impacting your mind during your sleep.

Contact one of our readers today to get started!

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Posted: 27/07/2016

Related Category: Dream Interpretation

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