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Dream Interpretation; Dreaming About Babies

Last Updated: September 29th, 2023


Regardless of whether you have children or not, everybody can have the occasional baby dream. It can symbolise anything from innocence to emotional regression, which is why we are here to guide you in the interpretation of dreams about babies.

Having a baby

This dream mostly occurs when you are starting a new chapter in your life. You may have recently ended a relationship or are starting a new job and this is your mind telling you to prepare for a fresh start. This dream can also occur in mums-to-be, especially if you have not gone through labour before. You may be feeling anxious, nervous and stressed out in your dream; this is completely normal as you want everything to go according to plan with no complications.

Seeing a baby walk 

When you dream about a baby walking, it can symbolise that positive things are going to happen soon, so be sure to watch out for any potential possibilities that come your way. Metaphorically, you need to make sure you are taking baby steps in regards to any goals you have set, relationships or certain projects you are undertaking.


If you are trying to get pregnant, this has transferred into your subconscious; quite simply, your wish of being pregnant is always on your mind. Your dream may also be telling and helping you prepare for when you do become pregnant. However, if you are not trying to conceive, but you are scared you may be pregnant; this dream will have a different effect on your emotions as you do not want to have a baby just yet.

Seeing a baby cry

If you see a baby cry in your dream you may be feeling deprived of attention. You want somebody to be there for you – somebody to look after you. You are putting yourself down as you feel you are not achieving the goals you have set yourself and you desire someone to nurture you.  If you have children, you could subconsciously be feeling scared that you are unable to protect and look after them.

Holding a baby

If you are holding a baby in your dream it symbolises you remembering a time when you were needed and depended on. You are holding onto the past and finding certain things hard to let go of. Think back to your dream and think about a time in your life it relates to. Ask yourself if you were happy about having this responsibility and see if you are able to implement it into your present life. 

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Posted: 24/08/2016

Related Category: Dream Interpretation

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