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Dream Interpretation; Dreaming About Falling

Last Updated: September 28th, 2023



Ever had the feeling you are falling and then suddenly wake up in shock? Everybody has had that dreaded stomach-dropping moment, but what does this dream actually symbolise and mean? Read on as we explore some of the most common meanings behind dreaming about falling.

Loss of control

When you fall into your dream, you have no control as gravity takes over. You have nothing to hold onto. You have to come to terms with the fact you have no control over the outcome. This relates back to everyday life; You might be feeling overwhelmed at work, in your personal life, or in a relationship. You are not able to cope with your everyday life. This dream is a warning before you hit rock bottom. Our professional psychics will be able to advise you on what steps to take for you to regain control of your life.


Falling in your dream can also symbolize instability in your life. You may be worried about losing your job, your house or unsure about where you stand in your relationship. These insecurities and vulnerabilities allow your body to experience high levels of anxiety. If you feel that you are not meeting people’s expectations and are lacking confidence. Then dreaming about falling can be extremely common.

Reckless behaviour

Deep down, we know which are the correct decisions to make regarding our own behaviour. If you have become reckless and started making poor decisions in your life. Then dreaming about falling is your minds way of telling you to change. You have a chance to change the path, which you are drastically taking before you hit rock bottom.


When you are falling in your asleep, your body may also experience a physical movement. Resulting in your consciousness and blood pressure changing. The explanations above regarding you having a loss of control, insecurity within yourself and reckless behaviour. Puts your body and mind under stress. This stress becomes psychological and physical while you are asleep. In fact, it is your body and mind telling you that you need to change an area in your life. So your body and mind are able to relax.

Sink or Swim

Similar to falling, sinking is often associated with losing control of your life. You are overwhelmed and have a constant fear of losing something important in your life. The saying ‘sink or swim’ is a perfect metaphor for sinking in a dream, as ultimately you have a decision to make. Either keep sinking, or make a change and swim away! Life is full of obstacles, changes and challenges. It’s totally normal to experience different levels of stress, anxiety and fear. However if you do not change a challenging area in your life, you may end up losing control. Resulting in bad dreams, lack of sleep and becoming physically and psychologically drained.

Psychic Dream Interpretation at Psychic Light

If you are unsure about what area in your life is affecting your sleep, call Psychic Light today for advice. Speaking with one of our experienced psychics may help you understand the deeper meanings behind your dreams and provide insights into how your daily life is impacting your mind during your sleep.

Contact one of our readers today to get started!

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Posted: 23/03/2016

Related Category: Dream Interpretation

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