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Pisces: Who Are You Most Compatible With?

Last Updated: August 17th, 2023

Pisces Star Sign

When your birthday falls between February 19 – March 20 you are born under the star sign Pisces.

Your mysterious personality and desire to live life to the full are great features in your personality, but your indecisiveness and sensitive nature makes you click with certain people, but struggle to gain a bond with others.

The question is; when searching for love which signs should you stay away from and who are you most compatible with?

Your perfect match…

Pisces and Scorpio – As Scorpio and Pisces are both Water signs, they are able to connect on a deeper emotional level. A Pisces allows a Scorpio to fully open up and let their feelings be heard, whereas Scorpio has the ability to offer protection and care for a Pisces. As long as Scorpio does not suffocate Pisces and Pisces stops running away from any negative emotions they may have, their relationship will feel invincible and almost as good as a fairy-tale. Read more about the Scorpio star sign here.

Pisces and Cancer – These two star signs are the definition of love at first sight. The moment a Pisces and Cancer lay eyes on each other, an emotional bond is formed. With a mutual sensitive spirit, they always look out for each other and avoid hurting one another at all costs. As long as both star signs stay honest and help each other through the tough times, their love will last. Read more about the Cancer star sign here.

Pisces and Taurus – Both a Taurus and Pisces crave love and romance. Early on in the relationship, a Pisces will open up and feel as though they can turn to a Taurus, even though they haven’t known each other that long. As long as both star signs fight for their relationship and support each other through both the good and bad times, their relationship can be magical. Read more about the Taurus star sign here.

Who to avoid…

Pisces and Gemini – Gemini and Pisces are complete opposites and even though there may be a physical attraction between the star signs, this romantic relationship will be short lived once they realise they have very little in common. It is also difficult for these signs to be on the same emotional frequency as Gemini’s are more rational and Pisces are hopeless romantics. This can cause friction as they both express love in different ways. Read more about the Gemini star sign here.

Pisces and Sagittarius – One main obstacle that these star signs face, is the lack of trust between them both. A Sagittarius expresses their opinions often and a Pisces is more of a sensitive soul and may feel ignored. Both fall in love fast and become emotionally involved. This means there are countless arguments, disappointment and a lot of ‘games’ are played in order to make the other open up about their feelings. The relationship is filled with ups and downs, making it hard for it to last long-term. Read more about the Sagittarius star sign here.

Whether you have fallen in love, have had your heart broken or are experiencing concerns in your relationship, you may have questions and seek guidance.

Psychic Light offer experienced psychic readers who are able to listen and assist you in taking control of the situation you are in. Get in touch today and put your mind at ease. Then why not check out your pisces monthly horoscope for further guidance.

Posted: 20/06/2018

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