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Gemini: Who Are You Most Compatible With?

Last Updated: August 17th, 2023

Gemini Star Sign

If your birthday falls between May 21st – June 20th, you are born under the star sign Gemini.

Even though Geminis can be indecisive and inconsistent, their gentle and affectionate nature makes them crave a relationship that will stand the test of time. They can be fearful of being alone and getting stuck in a repetitive routine, which is why finding somebody they are truly compatible can play a big part in their happiness.

If you’re a Gemini looking for love, take a look at which star signs you should avoid and which ones you are most compatible with….

Your perfect match…

Gemini and Leo

These two star signs have a bond that can make the rest of the zodiac envious. Their relationship is built on laughter and socialising with mutual friends, making this pairing a perfect match. If this relationship is to last, they must understand eachothers needs and not be afraid to compromise. Read more about the Leo star sign here.

Gemini and Aries

Over time, a Gemini and Aries relationship only becomes stronger. Not only do they have an exciting and passionate relationship, they are constantly learning and sharing adventures together, making this match one that can stand the test of time. Read more about the Aries star sign here.

Gemini and Aquarius

Gemini’s seek adventure and excitement in their life, which is why an Aquarius could be a perfect match for them. Aquarius oozes mystery and has a unique personality that keeps a Gemini on their toes. The only thing that could damage their relationship is if they concentrate too much on having fun and stop communicating and expressing their emotions. Read more about the Aquarius star sign here.

Who to avoid…

Gemini and Pisces

These two signs rarely have similar interests or share the same goals, meaning a Gemini and Pisces relationship can diminish over time. At first, their positive nature allows them to avoid arguments and socialise in large groups, but when they are alone, they may lack in romance and the relationship can turn superficial fast. Read more about the Pisces star sign here.

Gemini and Cancer

Since these star signs are next to each other in the zodiac, they may see each other more as friends rather than connecting on an emotional and intimate level. They are able to communicate and have endless discussions, but when it comes to talking about their relationship, their opposing views can make it hard to see eye to eye. Read more about the Cancer star sign here.

Gemini and Scorpio

Scorpios and Geminis have traits that can irritate and annoy the other. If they find a middle ground where they can respect each other’s concerns, they have a chance to make this relationship work. However, they both have to be ready to put effort in and not take every downfall too seriously. Both signs have to accept that they may never fully understand each other’s personality, which can be hard to come to terms with. Read more about the Scorpio star sign here.

Are you currently in a relationship and wondering what the future holds? Or want to know when you will find your true love? Get in touch with one of Psychic Light’s gifted readers for clarity. Don’t forget to check out your monthly gemini horoscopes.

Posted: 18/06/2018

Related Category: Astrology

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