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Can psychics really predict the future?

Last Updated: August 17th, 2023

bright crystal ball

By Mariah, PIN: 1881

The question is, ‘Can psychics really predict the future?’ I will try and give you my opinion on this: Yes, they can, and they do. However, there is a caveat and some dimensions to consider when answering this question. It all depends on how you define the future. Psychics can and do make predictions for individual clients regarding specific events, situations, people, circumstances and timelines. Because they have worked closely with that person, and the energy builds between them; so, it makes it easier to see for that individual.


Very often, both mediums, psychics and ordinary people, have premonitions. Maybe for themselves, or it might be around world events, such as the recent lava flows or terrorist attacks where lives are lost. It is possible to read verbatim accounts of how many individuals had premonitions about events, cancelled flights, or stayed home instead of travelling; and they were not people who usually engaged with psychic phenomena, but the feeling was overwhelming.

That is how psychics work, through the faculty of feeling, or one of them, but they switch it on and off and use a variety of those skills for the people they work for; they can control it, in a way non-working people are not familiar. It can happen to non-working ordinary people, whereas working psychics summon the ability at will. We can all be psychic, but many of us; don’t choose to be psychic.

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The next; very significant caveat is that not everything is predetermined. A predetermined life is a dangerous concept to play with because it is a double-edged sword. It is easy to think that people may have a predetermined charmed life, not so charmed, the other way round. The reality is that we have free will. As adults, we have agency, and we are responsible for our lives, our choices, our well-being and ourselves. We learn, grow and mature through the challenges in life that we overcome. We then pass that on to the generation coming up behind us – Wisdom!

Free Will

Tarot is a wise teacher and source of wisdom. Nothing tells the story of our lives so well. Do you want success? Consider how inspiration (wands) is nothing without practicality (pentacles) and vice versa; an idea is just an idea until you turn it into a plan. Once you have a plan, execute it. You cannot know how you are doing unless you analyse and evaluate (swords). Don’t live at work. Balancing your mind, body and spirit with emotions is the message of Tarot. All elements are in balance, as you use your free will to create your future. Yes, we are all confined to some degree by political, economic and class systems, but we have free will. Keep the four elements in balance.

We can rescue our lives from the worst of the phases we find ourselves in: with love (cups), analysis with plans (swords and pentacles) and with determination (wands and swords). Plus, the gentle support of a psychic who works ethically with you to empower you. By encouraging you to take back your power and control, your self-love and confidence in your future. And to know that you are surrounded, by your loved ones in spirit, cheering you on and holding out that invisible hand to you whether you know and believe it or not.

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Posted: 16/03/2022

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