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What Happens During A Psychic Telephone Reading?

Last Updated: August 17th, 2023

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Written By Sarah, PIN: 9888

It’s understandable that when it is your first time getting a Psychic Telephone Reading, you may feel a little daunted by the whole situation. This is one of those times that all you have to think is: “there is a first time for everything!” and there is a reason that so many clients come back over and over again for readings, usually to one or a few psychics that they develop understanding relationships with over time.

Reader Profiles

First things first, before you ring for your reading, take a bit of time to read through the Our Psychics profiles. Every clairvoyant is different, and each works with their unique tools, Spirit guides and techniques, so finding the right one for you (or your particular question on any given day) will go a long way towards achieving the reading you want.

Over time you will get to know which readers work best for you and develop an ongoing relationship with your reader/s so that each time you ring, you do not feel you are starting from scratch. As a reader myself, I feel that working with regular clients is one of the best parts of the job, as you do get to know each other, and you become in tune with each other’s energies and guides. I cannot stress how uniquely different every client and reader is! But rest assured that each reader wants to connect with you as a new (or existing client) and give you the best, most in-depth reading possible.

Some clients will leave the reader up to fate – and see who answers the call, and that is a fine choice.

Psychic Gifts and Tools

When a customer calls, firstly, I like to introduce myself as one of the psychics and confirm my name with you. At this point, it’s useful if the caller can let me know if there are any particular methods, they would like me to use during the reading. For example, I predominantly use Tarot, and Ancient Runes for my initial readings then spread out into considering present Luna energies, the Zodiac sign of the client and crystals that may aid with the specific theme of the call. If you are unsure about the methods, not to worry – as Spirit is always present during readings and sometimes can give the reader, or client, a hint as to what tools or techniques it may be best to use.

Your Questions

The next thing I like to ask my client is probably the most obvious question. What kind of reading would you like today, and what would you like to focus on? Giving your reader as much detail here as possible is fantastic as it gives them the information to delve deeper into your reading and questions and find answers more efficiently. Many clients like to ask for a general reading, or start this way and then expand further as the reading progresses. So, there is no right or wrong way to go about this; it is totally up to you!

At this point, your reader will have started to connect with you, your energies, Spirit and any tools they will be using for the reading. If they are using Tarot or similar, then; they may have begun to lay out a spread for you; regarding your unique questions and needs.

Tarot Spreads

When I work with Tarot cards, I like to lay out a spread for the questioner and initially give you an overall feel for the general atmosphere. Usually, we then look at each aspect of the card spread; and go into more detail, for example, taking a look at the recent past area, current influences and situation, then moving on to the near future. It is worth mentioning that reading the Ancient Runes follows a very similar pattern to the Tarot as a tool.

As your reader goes into more detail, it’s great to communicate and chat with them and feel free to ask any further questions. Each reading is unique to you as the questioner, and because of that each reading; can be tailored to you. The reading will take into account your psychic and spiritual influences and your personal needs on the given day. Believe me, when I say as a reader, I love it when clients ask further questions, talk more in detail about what they want and even ask for in-depth advice. This is our passion and lifestyle, and we love to support others find their spiritual path, so never be shy or unsure of anything you want to ask!


As the reading progresses and gets towards the end, it’s good to go back over the full situation and conclude all of the things that have been discussed. This is also a great time to talk about how to move forward from the reading; and what to do with the information provided.

In conclusion, the most important thing to remember when calling for your first or even your 100th reading with a psychic is that we are here to guide you through whatever is troubling you most. We aim to look at what you need to overcome and learn, in order to move forward in a positive way that is best for you and how you see your life. We want you to enjoy the reading, learn from the information provided and leave feeling that you have a clearer path. When your call has almost ended, your psychic will remind you of their PIN just in case you want to reach them again, and of course, you can always check on the website to see who is available at any given time.

Gratitude as always, and good luck with your reading!

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Posted: 09/06/2022

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