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Scorpio: Who Are You Most Compatible With?

Last Updated: August 17th, 2023

Scorpio Star Sign

If your birthday falls between October 23 – November 21, then you are born under the star sign Scorpio.

You are passionate and dynamic, caring and protective as well as your own worst critic, in terms of relationships aspects of your personality that might push loved ones away is your tendency towards suspicion and jealous behaviours.

Dating a Scorpio

Scorpios are by nature passionate people, but don’t be surprised if during initial dates they keep that trait in check. It will be a while before they feel comfortable in showing you their true colours and letting their long-term intentions known.

Scorpios like to be in control, and this is still the case when it comes to dating. Don’t be surprised if they try to pick the time, date and location, if they press you for further availability – then this is a good sign, they want to meet again!

Rushing a Scorpio is not the way to go, they like to feel wooed and seduced, a place that offers quiet and is an intimate space will let you get to know each other without too many interruptions. Scorpios are charming and can be seductive and are likely to come across as self-assured. Don’t misinterpret their desire to take things slow as shyness, they just enjoy things developing at a leisurely pace.

It can take a while for Scorpios to open up about themselves, so try to avoid a dinner-date turning into an interview with twenty questions. If you get the sense that a subject is a no-go, trust your instincts and move on for now. They are impressed by sophisticated behaviour, so a good conversationalist that can put them at ease will be appreciated.

A Scorpio wants to be intrigued by their date, they love to be bowled over, so going all out on your appearance is a good idea. They are not ashamed to admit that they fall for good-looking individuals. That said it is a good idea to act a little coy – don’t be too available, as part of the fun for a Scorpio is in the chase. An obstacle here and there will keep them interested and see if they make the effort to make things work.

As mentioned in the introduction Scorpios are both possessive and jealous, if they perceive that you showed interest in someone else, when they expected your undivided attention, then you can expect them to be unhappy – in these circumstances they can be silent, sulky, depressed or may demonstrate their feelings through anger…

Scorpios are protective of their romance, and territorial of their partners. They are unlikely to be touchy-feely or overtly affectionate, but they will find ways to let you know how they feel. Despite their jealous tendencies, they are not always faithful themselves and can be secretive.

As a Scorpio what is your perfect zodiac match…


These two signs go to together, they complement each other, by having differences. Scorpio is an all-powerful sign, and this helps Cancer feel protected – it allows their more softly-spoken nature to be secure. In turn Cancer will be devoted, putting Scorpio centre of attention, Scorpio will have no doubt that they are Cancers object of affection. This obvious affection will calm Scorpios usual jealous tendencies. This is probably the most likely match to end in marriage. Read more about the Cancer sign here.


With the Pisces sign there are many fundamental differences between them and Scorpios, however they are not aspects that are likely to cause issues within the relationship. Pisces is a more day-dreamy sign, and it is happy for Scorpio to lead the way. Scorpios possessive behaviour plays to Pisces need to feel valued and loved. Pisces signs can be a bit wishy washy and indecisive, but Scorpio will step in and make decisions where needed which suits both of them. This pairing is highly likely to make a successful long-term relationship. Read more about the Pisces sign here.


This match is an interesting one and often divides people, some think Taurus is the perfect match for Scorpio as it is the complementary opposite sign. Both signs are known for their passion and sexiness and they have similar approaches to relationships. But on the other hand, their similarities may hold them back – they can be stubborn and possessive and neither may be willing to change or be flexible. If they can find common ground when faced with a conflict in their relationship then it would be a highly rewarding match, albeit not without its challenges. Read more about the Taurus sign here.

As a Scorpio what star signs are best avoided…


It is quite possible that a Libra and Scorpio will initially be very attracted to each other, but eventually the differences in belief systems and characteristics will get in the way of a successful union. As we have already mentioned Scorpios can be possessive and jealous at times, a Libra is likely to push against this behaviour, eventually making them more likely to be secretive and deceptive. If Libra were to do anything that Scorpio deemed unacceptable like flirting or even worse cheating, then the act could not be forgiven. This makes this match rocky throughout with a likely unhappy ending. Read more about the Libra sign here.


Gemini are social creatures by nature, they need lots of interaction with others to feel validated and light-hearted flirting and banter is part of this process. Scorpios on the other hand are more serious and intense by nature, and want their relationships to be a private affair. Eventually Scorpios desire to control the boundaries of the relationship will make Gemini feel suffocated and feeling like they need to run. This pairing literally speaks two different languages and is unlikely to provide a good life and love match. Read more about the Gemini sign here.

If you are searching for love or have met someone and want to know if you will be a good zodiac match, then why not contact one of Psychic Light’s experienced readers, who can bring to light any of your concerns. Get in touch today, to find out about your love life. Don’t forget you can check your monthly scorpio horoscopes for any star sign on the website at any time.

Posted: 08/06/2018

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