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Inspirational Olympians

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With the London 2012 Olympics only a week away, the whole country is avidly focused on the sportsmen and women preparing to represent their countries. The UK along with the rest of the world has produced a number of exceptional athletes that inspire and move people with their athletic achievements, many of whom have had to break down personal and physical barriers in order to compete in the games. Many Olympians, both past and present, can be looked upon as an inspiration to all of us, through their determination to conquer adversity and go on to be the best at what they do. Olympic history has collected a great number of amazing stories, showing us that you really can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. Few of these stories compare to that of Jesse Owens who beat all the odds and silenced Hitler in the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games. At the time, African-Americans were seen as inferior and Owens was faced with endless racist abuse and the constant presence of the swastika as he competed. However, despite the oppression that Owens faced he went on to win four gold medals at the event, breaking world records and conquering those who defied him as an athlete. Owens, a man of great strength and courage can be looked upon as one of the great Olympic role models. Sometimes it is someone’s determination to fight physical barriers that defines their greatness as a sportsperson. Dame Kelly Holmes, regarded by many as one of Britain’s best middle-distance runners ever, has also had a career blighted by injuries and mental struggles.  She states that she had hit ‘rock bottom’ after her injuries stopped her competing in many major games, despair overwhelming her. Her dream of being an Olympic medal winner came in the 2000 Sydney Olympics when she won a Bronze medal in the 800m, following this with a Gold medal in 2004 in Athens. Inspiration doesn’t always come with being the best or winning, as seen in the case of Eric ‘The Eel’ and Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards, whose lack of Olympic success but sheer determination endeared them to people around the world, capturing their imaginations. Eddie Edwards was the first competitor to represent Great Britain in Olympic ski jumping, but after finishing last in both his events some believed that he was making a mockery of the sport. His subsequent commercial success and popularity with the audience has led to rumours of a film chronicling Edward’s life story. Similarly, Eric ‘the Eel’ inspired millions through his determination to compete alongside the best in the 2000 Summer Olympics. He entered the competition as a ‘wildcard’ intended to inspire developing countries to participate in the games. His time in the 100m swimming freestyle was almost double that of his competitors, however he set a personal best and an Equatoguinean national record, proving that no matter who you are and where you come from, you have the ability to inspire and make an impact. While many of us won’t be Olympians there is nothing to stop us dreaming big and striving to achieve our personal goals. Kelly Holmes, after all her adversity stated “My career has been such a rollercoaster but I just kept sticking in there and I knew in my heart that there was something in there for me to fulfil my dreams.” If we can take a small amount of inspiration from these former Olympians to stay focused and to strive for gold not just in competition but in life! If you want to make the most of Psychic Light and use our new pre-pay service, you can gain an extra 10% on top of the minutes you pay for. If you would like more details about this service, you can look at our pre-pay FAQ page to find out more. We can help you to find the strength to inspire others and to conquer your own personal battles in order to triumph, just as these athletes have.

Posted: 25/07/2012

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