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Wands: Tarot – Minor Arcana

Last Updated: March 15th, 2024


Recently, we introduced the Minor Arcana within Tarot. Today, we will begin exploring the suit of Wands. Generally speaking, Wands are associated with planting the seeds of ideas. They are also connected to risk-taking, initiative, vision, creativity, and cover career aspirations and travel. In terms of astrology, Wands are associated with the zodiac signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

The Ace of Wands

When the Ace of Wands appears in a spread, it guarantees that your life is about to become more exciting! The emergence of something new will ignite your imagination and bring liveliness to your circumstances.

This card can also symbolise physical travel or an intriguing mental journey. In addition to providing much-needed stimulation, you will gain something valuable from this experience.

The Ace of Wands has a knack for showing up at just the right time, especially when life feels monotonous and predictable. If that’s the case, this card heralds significant changes – new possibilities may arise or you may suddenly notice opportunities that were previously overlooked. However, it doesn’t mean things will be effortless; rather, you’ll relish the challenge. Other cards in the spread can help pinpoint what exactly this opportunity entails and how best to make use of it.

Two of Wands

The Two of Wands encourages a ‘taking stock’ approach. It is time to assess how far you have come and what there is left to achieve. The card reminds us that it is never too early in the journey to do these assessments, as they allow you to check if you are on target/schedule and make course adjustments if needed. The other cards in a spread should alert you to any issues on the horizon, but this card showing up suggests that you’ve made good progress so far and are on the right track.

The ‘two’ suggests a partnership of some sort on the horizon, and this spells good news – a sharing of risks and rewards, with an even power balance! The Two of Wands also indicates a new opportunity on the horizon. It could be spiritual development, education, travel, or it may mean someone significant comes into your life with a different perspective. Keep your heart and mind open to the possibilities.

Three of Wands

It is great to get the Three of Wands in a spread, as it is a very positive card. The chances are you have already embarked upon a new business, a career change, or a new project. As you near the end of the first phase, you can congratulate yourself on your vision, creativity, and entrepreneurial pursuits. You may have had some nerves at the beginning, but now you can see that this could prove to be a turning point in your life!

The Three of Wands reminds us that people are not successful as islands. It is important to share ideas and gather others’ opinions. Communication is crucial to your venture, and an international influence may be on the cards.

If you are an ideas person and are forever in motion – it can be hard to slow down enough and be patient enough to let things come to fruition. But this is an important part of the process, and some things are better when left to pace as needed.

Four of Wands

If the Four of Wands card shows up, you may be emerging from what has been a stressful phase of life. Maybe you were responsible for a lucrative business deal, have been working a lot of overtime or a project has just been wound up. Whatever the situation you are now ready to resume life at a more normal pace, and to be able to socialise with friends and family once more.

Its quite possible that you will kick off this new life balance with a holiday. Don’t fret about taking time away – have confidence that soon enough you can resume where you left off and continue on your path of success. Now is a time to devote to yourself and to your romantic partner if you are involved.

The Four of Wands also represents emotional security. If you receive this card after enduring a difficult period, take comfort in knowing that life will become easier for you. It could even signify buying a house or improving your current property, or simply feeling grounded and settled in your circumstances.

Five of Wands

You may not wish for the Five of Wands, for it is a card that suggests that nothing has been going according to plan! Don’t worry too much, as we all go through phases like this. The other cards in the spread should indicate where the trouble lies, whether it’s related to travel arrangements, work projects, relationships, etc. This card reminds us that sometimes there’s nothing we can do but be determined in our approach. We should prioritize tasks and have faith that things will eventually turn out well. Being flexible in our approach will help expedite and simplify matters.

Often, with this card, there is a sense of disappointment. It’s natural to feel this way when things don’t go as expected. This feeling might be intensified if you believe others have let you down and are partly responsible for your current situation.

So, it’s important to go back to basics and assess who you can trust and who you cannot. Pay attention to the finer details of things instead of relying on luck or making assumptions.

Six of Wands

It is time to bask in your success. You can rightfully feel proud, and others are lauding you for your efforts. This is a congratulatory phase, as all of your hard work has come to fruition. However, the Six of Wands also reminds us not to rest on our laurels. Soon enough, it will be time to get back to work. So, even more so, enjoy this moment while you can!

The Six of Wands can describe numerous moments. Perhaps you have broken into a challenging career or finally been noticed at work. Maybe you received a promotion, won a competition, attained a higher-level qualification, passed a driving test, or wrote a book – the list is endless. Whatever the story may be, celebrate now because soon it will be time to decide upon your next ambition, goal or dream.

Sometimes this card depicts a man on horseback wearing a laurel crown; other times there are staffs tied with laurel – both symbols represent the person achieving and being cheered on by others. This serves as a reminder that if your success is the result of teamwork, it is important to acknowledge all those who played a role; otherwise, it will be a hollow victory.

Seven of Wands

Often, the Seven of Wands card describes a period that occurs after you have started a new job or been promoted. You have accomplished a lot to reach this point, but now you are facing tests and encountering obstacles. It may seem like there are challenges standing in your way. Perhaps your colleagues are unhappy with your position or even competing for your job! It probably feels like just moments ago you were celebrating, and now you find yourself fighting for survival.

You might feel the weight of others’ expectations on your shoulders and worry that you aren’t performing at your best ability. It can be difficult to have others constantly criticising or questioning your position in the role. Pay close attention to the other cards in the spread as they will likely indicate the outcome. However, chances are that you will succeed – all you need is faith in the abilities that have brought you this far.

This card can also appear when you are facing the final hurdle of something. At this stage, fatigue sets in, enthusiasm wanes, and although you can see the end within reach, it becomes challenging to summon enough energy to complete the task at hand. But remember, it is crucial to gather up whatever energy remains because success is literally within your grasp!

Posted: 15/03/2024

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