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Minor Arcana – Tarot – Introduction

Last Updated: February 22nd, 2024

Minor Arcana

In 2023 we delved into Tarot and the Major Arcana. Throughout 2024, our focus will shift to the 56 cards of the Minor Arcana. Similar to a deck of playing cards, the Minor Arcana in Tarot is divided into four suits: Cups, Pentacles, Swords, and Wands. Each suit consists of 14 cards. Additionally, there are corresponding meanings between these suits and traditional playing card symbols: Cups represent Hearts, Pentacles represent Diamonds, Swords represent Spades, and Wands represent Clubs.

While a standard deck of playing cards has three “court” cards – King, Queen, and Jack – Tarot includes an additional court card for each suit. This is why there are 56 cards in the Minor Arcana compared to the 52-card deck used in playing cards. Both Tarot and playing cards have ten “pip” or numbered cards ranging from one to ten.

Although the Minor Arcana may not possess the same allure as the Major Arcana, it plays a crucial role in understanding the everyday aspects of our lives. The court cards can describe both individuals and situations encountered along our journey. On the other hand, pip cards symbolise various stages we experience such as encounters with people or ideas that inspire us or challenges, we face while pursuing new ventures.


As you might expect from its association with hearts, the Cups cards are associated with love and your emotions. These cards govern all relationships, from family, friends, and colleagues to romantic partners.

These cards are connected to fertility; this can be in the literal sense – the birth of a child, but also in new beginnings. They also relate to creativity and the nurturing of talent. Cups are the ruler of the unconscious mind and are linked to water signs in astrology (Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio).

If there is a dominance in a spread of Cups cards, then the querent may be overly involved in the situation and be unable to retain objectivity.


The Pentacle cards all pertain to value, encompassing things that hold significance for the querent. This can include aspects such as their career, status, and business endeavours. Additionally, these cards also represent more tangible forms of value such as money, property, and wealth in a broader sense.

From an astrological perspective, the Pentacle cards are associated with the Earth element, which corresponds to the zodiac signs Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo. These cards are deeply rooted in practicality and materiality. They symbolise things that we can physically grasp, observe with our senses, and touch.

However, it is important to note that an excessive presence of Pentacle cards during a reading might indicate a need for the querent to be more grounded in reality. In other words, they should focus on dealing with present circumstances rather than becoming preoccupied with future possibilities or hypothetical situations.


If you conjure up a picture of a sword, it may have a double edge, and so it is with this suit, as it rules two aspects – Thoughts and Words, and either can be positive or negative, truth or lies!

It makes sense that a dual meaning would tie in with Air star signs like Gemini, Aquarius and Libra. The cards are also heavily connected to communication; this could be conversations, but could also be intellectual thought, or letters, phone calls, texts etc.

Sword cards deal with the logical and rational. But if a reading has a lot of Sword cards, it could indicate that the querent is giving an area of their life too much thought. By focusing so heavily, they may actually be making a situation worse.


Wands bring together all sorts of journeys; they could be literal – like holidays and travel, spiritual or mental. As such, they deal with dreams, aspirations and adventures. Of course, what comes with that is possible gambles, risks, innovations, speculation and negotiation. Essentially, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Wand’s wider themes are family – and putting them first, pursuing some sort of creative outlet, and having ambitions. So, itis no surprise then, that Wands are associated with astrological Fire signs – Leo, Aries and Sagittarius.

If more Wand cards turn up in a spread, making it somewhat unbalanced, it could mean that the querent is willing to take more chances than is necessary, or is good for them!

Minor Arcana Readings

If you can’t wait for us to unpack the Minor Arcana, why not have a Tarot-Reading with an expert now? We have many readers who specialise in this type of psychic reading. Here is a selection to choose from:

Aelissa, PIN: 4444

To Aelissa Tarot is the most versatile reader tool. She feels that the reasons and causes behind issues can be clearly seen; timescales are more accessible and probable outcomes clearer. As well as a client’s questions being more easily highlighted.

Alice, PIN: 6543

Alice generously offers her connection to Spirit to guide you but can also use various methods to connect you to that source. She has special expertise with Tarot cards. She can also offer Angel cards, Enlightenment cards, crystal ball and more.

Jancey, PIN: 3032

Using Tarot when precise timings are needed; Jancey feels that the cards can give very specific information and insights into the right direction to be taking. Whether this is giving advice on matters of the heart or any other topic.

More Tarot Readers

Michaela, PIN: 3232

In what can appear to be dark places in a person’s life, Michaela uses her readings with the guidance of her Tarot Cards to assist the caller to rediscover positivity. To see the road ahead more clearly so that the caller can make better decisions and have a happier life. 

Pauline, PIN: 3798

As a reader, Pauline enjoys giving general readings over the telephone. She specialises in relationship readings; and works with Tarot and Angel Cards, using her clairvoyance to tune into her Guides.

Sarah, PIN: 9888

Sarah is a reader who started learning the art of Tarot and spiritual reading from an early age. With over 20-years of experience with the cards, she has a unique outlook and understanding of this ancient art. 

Visit for full reader profiles & availability.

Posted: 22/02/2024

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