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Psychic Readings for Balancing Your Chakras

Last Updated: January 24th, 2024

In our previous blog post, we provided a comprehensive introduction to Chakras and their role within the spiritual world. Now that you have gained insights into the significance of these energy centres, you can move on to the next phase of your journey.

In this post, we delve into the transformative realm of understanding why it is essential to have balanced chakras and how the intuitive input and guidance from one of our psychic readers can support this imperative journey.

Why is it Important to Have balanced Chakras?

Our chakras work hard for us all the time, and they can easily end up being an energetic “rubbish bin” if we don’t pay attention to clearing out what isn’t needed any more. With mental, emotional and spiritual clarity, you could be far more able to cope with the inevitable stresses of life without draining yourself to the point of exhaustion.

Because the chakra “wheels” pass the flow of energy from one to the next, and back down the chain, there should be a clear and unimpeded flow of energy from the base to the crown, and vice versa. To understand this, you might imagine the flow of energy coming from the Earth, through your feet and upwards to the base chakra located at the bottom of the spine. This continues up through the sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow and finally the crown chakra. Energy flowing down through the crown chakra from the Universe/Source flows through the brow, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and base chakras, thus completing the circuit. It assists to visualise this if you breathe IN deeply as you feel the flow enter the body and breathe OUT as it flows downwards through the body.

Balancing your Chakras with Psychic Readings

If you’re feeling “stuck” in any area of your life, a Chakra balance with a Psychic Reader can really assist in clearing the blockages to your progress. Choosing a Psychic Reading for Balancing your Chakras can allow you to achieve a state of energetic balance, with a clear flow of energy through each chakra, which is the level we are aiming for when we work with the chakras. A competent Psychic Reader will be able to put you at your ease before working with you to ground your energy, and then work through each energy centre in turn to cleanse, balance and bring it into full activation. By working with the individual attributes of each energy centre, its associated colour and physical attributes, the Psychic Reader should be able to get a clear understanding of any disruptions to the smooth flow of energy, or where energy in the chakras appears weaker or indeed overly strong and would benefit from balancing.

Psychic Readers, who are also Healers, will be able to bring their healing skills to your Chakra Balance and send healing to gently ease any issues that they perceive along the way. Healing brings a very special warmth to the process, and you may feel very relaxed and peaceful during the session. As with any energy work, it’s important to drink water afterwards and to relax for a little while, if possible, to allow yourself to settle and readjust to the new and cleansed levels of energy. Be gentle with yourself!

Enhancing Chakra Balance with Crystal Healing

A Psychic Reader and Healer who also works with Crystals will be able to add another dimension to your Chakra Balance, as crystals are little powerhouses of energy that can both receive and transmit their energetic properties. They will pick the crystals that they feel resonate most with your requirements and offer that energy to you, working with the individual chakras in this way before a final sweep of the energy fields to leave you refreshed and renewed with the gift of the crystal energies.

Chakra Psychic Readings at Psychic Light

You will see that when all the Chakras are in balance and working in harmony, you are likely to find yourself feeling at your best. Working together with your chosen Psychic Reader to guide you through the process of achieving balance in your chakra system can be a wonderfully revitalising and healing feeling.

At Psychic Light, our talented Psychics will listen carefully to what you need, and work with you to achieve wellbeing and balance in all areas of your life.

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Written by Vanessa, PIN: 3900

Posted: 22/01/2024

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