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Wands: Tarot Cards – Minor Arcana, 8 through to King

Last Updated: April 18th, 2024

Tarot Cards Wands

Today, we are continuing our Minor Arcana series. We’ve covered the Ace of Wands and cards 2 through 7. Now, we will delve into cards 8, 9, and 10, as well as the Page, Knight, Queen, and King cards.

Cards – Eight to Ten

Eight of Wands

Things are moving quickly when this card appears, perhaps events are unfolding at a pace for which you may not be prepared. Situations that were previously stagnant suddenly receive the green light. On the positive side, things become exciting and life feels brimming with possibilities and anticipation. However, some decisions may require swift action, and as you navigate through them, some will prove successful while others may not.

Additionally, travel could be in store; it might even be last-minute and feel somewhat chaotic. Nevertheless, keep in mind that embarking on new journeys and experiencing different countries and cultures can greatly enrich your life. Whatever this phase brings forth, now is the perfect opportunity to seize opportunities wholeheartedly – your determination and energy will take you far. Just bear in mind the saying “only fools rush in” as you proceed forward.

Nine of Wands

When the Nine of Wands appears, it’s possible that you are already in a bit of a slump phase – and that is okay. No one in life expects things to be happening all the time. It’s what we do with these down periods that counts. Now is a time to take stock and recharge your batteries so you are ready when the next expansion phase comes your way.

This card can also mean that you will enter a difficult time shortly, so preparing just in case is a good idea. This could mean focusing on your health, finances, relationships, etc., so that things are as strengthened as they can be. This card teaches us to draw on our inner reserves when we need them the most. You have more strength, purpose, and self-belief than perhaps you realise!

Ten of Wands

The Ten of Wands typically indicates that you are experiencing a sense of being overwhelmed or weighed down by a significant burden. It doesn’t matter whether this burden is tangible or perceived; the outcome remains the same. This card prompts you to reflect on several questions: Is it necessary for life to be this challenging? Are you open to seeking assistance? Do you need to adjust your expectations?

Perhaps it’s also time to assess whether you have taken on too many responsibilities, reached the limits of your capabilities, or if the issue lies in establishing appropriate boundaries – or lack thereof! The key takeaway from this card should be taking a step back and attempting to view your situation from a broader perspective. Hopefully, doing so will offer some much-needed clarity and objectivity regarding the next steps you should take. Ultimately, continuing along the same path as before will not lead you towards achieving what you desire.

Cards – Page, Knight, Queen & King

Page of Wands

In the first scenario, the Page of Wands relates to a situation where you are about to become busy! A new venture of some sort is on the horizon. The other cards in the spread should provide more indications. Possibilities such as a house purchase, a business deal, or a different career direction could all be on the cards. Additionally, engaging in some form of creative endeavour is also possible. You may find yourself needing to interact with others more than usual, but rest assured that you will enjoy this experience.

In the second scenario, The Page of Wands relates to a person, it signifies that someone is going to enter your life. Pages are typically young individuals who possess loyalty and trustworthiness. This person could be an old friend whom you haven’t spoken with in a while, an employee at work, or even someone you meet during a business outing. Regardless of who they are, they will likely challenge you and bring forth plenty of interesting ideas for you to consider.

Knight of Wands

Similar to the Page, a Knight card can represent a scenario or person. Words like travel, excitement, adventures, possibilities, and opportunities come to mind. However, it’s important to be aware that the Knight may promise more than it can deliver. While you have every right to feel excited, be prepared for the fact that there is an element of risk involved and things could go either way.

As a person, the Knight is both charming and entertaining. They are unpredictable and sometimes eccentric, which only adds to their charisma. The Knight typically possesses a youthful quality. It may not necessarily be someone you know very well but interestingly enough; it could also indicate a person who is about to exit your life. Their ideas and suggestions for projects may captivate you; however, it’s unlikely that the Knight will bring these concepts into reality.

Queen of Wands

The Queen represents someone you likely know, typically a mature woman. Alternatively, it can symbolize qualities that you aspire to develop within yourself. The Queen excels in maintaining balance and effortlessly manages both her career and family life. They possess unique individuality and radiate warmth, which naturally attracts people towards them. Their creativity is evident in their fashion choices, work environment, and homes. Queens have an innate curiosity about others, making them popular due to their genuine interest and enthusiasm. Consequently, they enjoy a wide circle of friends.

Queens are passionate individuals who exhibit loyalty and protectiveness towards their loved ones without being possessive. They fearlessly provide constructive criticism while remaining firm yet fair in their approach. Many confide in Queens due to their common sense, empathy, and problem-solving abilities – often seeking guidance during times of need.

King of Wands

Just like the Queen, the King of Wands may represent someone you know or the qualities and personality traits that you desire to have. One of the things that people first notice about Kings is their sense of humour – it is what attracts people to them. Their characters are vibrant; they are fun, lively, and warm. Kings are social, as you might expect – their openness and ability to chat with anyone make them easy to approach. Their energy and enthusiasm for life are infectious, and it is easy to be swept up by their magnetism.

Kings will flirt, but generally, they are happiest settled in a relationship; family life means everything to them. They are quite often viewed as parental figures by others, even if they do not have children—perhaps because they are seen as someone others can turn to in times of trouble. Career-wise, Kings usually have some sort of advisory role. They can usually see many sides of a story, making them great mediators.

Posted: 18/04/2024

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