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The Tower & The Star: Explore Tarot with Us

Last Updated: January 24th, 2024

The Tower

XVI – The Tower

I feel like The Tower is not a particularly well-known card, but it foretells shocking events, so it is good to get more comfortable with its meaning. When you draw this card, its predictions will likely feel shocking. However, if you cast your mind back – the chances are trouble has been brewing in the background for some time. Maybe you pushed those thoughts away or hoped that time would sort things out naturally.

So, what does The Tower predict – well, it could be related to income. You may lose your job or may be facing bankruptcy. The card can also mean a loss of status; this could be job-related, your standing in the community, or even your place in a relationship.

The Tower card depiction is often dramatic, with people falling from the top of the tower, representing the shocking feeling you experience from the events that unfold. But do not panic or despair – because all is not lost! 

There is no doubt, you will go through a worrying time, and the way your life reorganises itself – may look very different from before. But you will survive, and eventually, you will recover, both emotionally and materially. You have the potential to rebuild your life in a way that is far more beneficial and satisfying than you could have ever imagined!

XVII – The Star

In contrast to The Tower, drawing The Star card is like winning the Tarot lottery! It is a most hopeful and encouraging card, often bringing heartening news, the knowledge that a long-held dream can come to fruition and that difficult situations will untangle and improve.

The main takeaway from The Star card is that ‘things come good in the end’; this is especially important to hang on to if the rest of the cards in a spread bring difficult news.

One thing you should not take from this card is that things will get better automatically. We must not be passive passengers in life – we must be driving and ‘taking the wheel’; so, to speak. In other words – help yourself, and your prospects are limitless!

There is also a spiritual message to this card; very often, when we are struggling in life – we concentrate too much on the mundane; to the negative of all other aspects of life – particularly our guiding lights! The Star card, like Temperance, is a reminder that a life lived well is one of balance. To be happy, content and fulfilled, we must give all areas of our lives the attention they deserve, and when things are tough, we need to pour time, attention and love into spiritual matters even more. 

Tarot Readings At Psychic Light

Many clients come to Psychic Light specifically for a Tarot Card reading. Working with a reader, alongside the tarot deck, can help you gain further insight and analysis when seeking guidance from the tarot spread.

If you would like to experience a Tarot reading with a practised psychic, then; why not try one of these readers from our team?

Aelissa – PIN: 4444

To Aelissa Tarot is the most versatile reader tool. She feels that the reasons and causes behind issues can be seen. Timescales are more accessible, and probable outcomes are clearer. As well as a client’s questions being more easily highlighted.

Jancey – PIN: 3032

A hereditary psychic clairvoyant, Jancey was born in Northern Ireland to Irish and Scottish parents with mainly Romany bloodlines who have been reading Tarot for over sixty years. Jancey was given her first deck of Tarot cards when she was just four years old. Jancey feels that the cards can provide specific information and insights into the right direction, whether that’s advising on matters of the heart or any other topic.

Joanna – PIN: 4567

Joanna is a qualified reader of Tarot, having studied and gained a certificate. With this skill and combination of psychic and clairvoyant ability, she will support you in discovering that love is the most important aspect of life both for yourself and for those relationships around you. Joanna loves to work with the Tarot, as it can provide specific guidance. Especially when people have confusion in their lives; and do not know what questions to ask.

Mariah – PIN: 1881

Mariah is a practised Tarot reader and has written for Psychic Light on this topic; you can find her article here

Posted: 23/11/2023

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