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Cups: Tarot Cards – Minor Arcana, Ace to Seven

Last Updated: May 1st, 2024


So, we turn our attention to Cups, which correspond to Hearts. Therefore, you won’t be surprised to learn that Cups are associated with love and emotions. Cups cover not only romantic love but also relationships between family members, friends, and even colleagues. Additionally, Cups are concerned with fertility and creativity; they are ruled by the astrological signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces as well as the water element.

The Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups is one of the cards that everyone wants to receive, it signifies new beginnings and fresh starts. This card can represent a loving relationship, a spiritual interest, or an exciting activity. It may also indicate a birth, whether it be the arrival of a child or the beginning of a new project. Whatever this card symbolises for you, it serves as a highly positive indication that you are entering into a joyful and pleasurable phase in your life, one that you will fondly remember and appreciate in the future.

If you have been facing challenges recently, rest assured that things will soon improve. If you’ve met someone new who interests you, go ahead and pursue the connection; they might turn out to be significant! However, if any of your relationships are experiencing conflicts, now is the time to work on resolving them. Do not let pride get in the way; apologise where necessary – it will benefit you in the long term. Lastly, embrace the gratitude evoked by this card – your cup is overflowing with positivity!

Two of Cups

The predominant sentiment of this card is ‘togetherness’, symbolising cooperation, partnerships, and understanding. It signifies a contractual agreement between two individuals, whether in a business context or a personal relationship where both parties share common perspectives and objectives.

If other cards in the spread indicate that this card pertains to a relationship, it can be interpreted as a positive indication that you are prepared to overlook differences and concentrate on shared interests. Beyond romantic implications, this card typically suggests entering into an agreement such as forming a business partnership, buying property, starting a new job, or dealing with financial matters. It represents a collaborative effort where all involved parties acknowledge the mutual benefits.

The Two of Cups inspires optimism that you have embarked on a promising journey; however, it advises against complacency and assuming that everything will unfold flawlessly.

Three of Cups

If you draw the Three of Cups, you are likely feeling celebratory. Perhaps you are emerging from a challenging life phase or have successfully accomplished something at home or work. You might simply be enjoying life to the fullest, especially revelling in your relationships.

This card often signifies upcoming festivities, typically depicted as a group raising their glasses in celebration. The party could be for various occasions such as an engagement, marriage, birth, christening, business launch, or housewarming. A party doesn’t necessarily have to be grand; it could be a casual BBQ with some bubbly but will involve your closest loved ones who share in your joy and achievements.

Lastly, the Three of Cups can bring relief. If you’ve been anxiously awaiting certain results, that knot in your stomach should soon dissipate…

Four of Cups

Are you feeling flat, as if nothing exciting ever happens? Often, the Four of Cups appears when we are a little bored and a feeling of discontentment has come over us. Even though you don’t like this feeling, you can’t seem to summon the energy to see anything through and find a way to shake off this despair.

If you are exiting a very busy period – you may need some rest and recuperation. Maybe you’ve been running on all cylinders, it is natural to feel a sense of anti-climax once things have ended.

If this phase is a result of being badly let down by someone you trusted, then don’t be afraid to seek help to alleviate any depression and stress. Take heed in the fact that we all go through these greyer phases of life, but in time your head will be turned once more with something exciting on the horizon.

Five of Cups

It can be very hard to see, but I like to think that the Five of Cups is more about hope than grief. Getting this card probably means that you have been zeroing in on something that you have lost; times feel bleak, and you may be full of regret. But, in these situations and what this card reminds us is that we must remember what we still have from any given situation.

Of course, this card takes on a new meaning if you draw it following a bereavement. You will likely feel inconsolable during the mourning period and for some time to come. But again, The Five of Cups will remind us that while the person is no longer with us, nothing can take away the memories you have and the shared moments and love that you experienced.

The ending of a relationship, even if it was your choice, can also cause a period of grieving, particularly for the life you planned together. This card reminds us to remember why we made this decision in the first place, and in time you will be able to look back and see what you gained from the decision.

Six of Cups

Do you tend to look back at your past with ‘rose-tinted glasses’? Do you find yourself reminiscing more about the past than thinking about the present/future? When we think about our past, it is easy to only remember the good bits and filter out elements that don’t serve our narrative. If that is the case, then the Six of Cups is a reminder that we shouldn’t let the power of the past colour our future. It’s time to consider what you are finding so difficult about the present that you’d prefer to go back in time.

Another meaning for this card is that something or someone from your past will re-enter your life. This does not mean they or it will become a permanent fixture, but you will learn something and generally gain from the experience. If you have a loved but forgotten talent or hobby – now may also be the time to reengage.

Seven of Cups

When you draw the Seven of Cups, chances are you are in a period of choices. You have more than one opportunity open to you; now is the time to decide what is doomed to failure, what could be more trouble than it’s worth, and which is highly favourable and will lead to success, bringing you happiness and contentment along the way.

You will still have to work hard and put in the effort to realise your dreams. It is easy to pick something that looks simple or perhaps the most lucrative, but instead, you should carefully weigh your options and choose the best thing for you.

If these choices relate to romantic relationships, then now more than ever you must balance your options carefully. Don’t be drawn in based just on looks, charm, and money – think long term about whether you have matching morals and life goals.

Posted: 01/05/2024

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