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Staying Fit in Lockdown

Last Updated: February 5th, 2021

Staying Fit

The health message about staying fit, staying a healthy weight, stopping smoking, reducing alcohol intake, eating a well-balanced diet etc. Have never been so important, as those who are overweight or with underlying health conditions are more at risk of having severe COVID-19 symptoms.

During the first national lockdown, many people took up new habits from baking bread, to knitting, gardening and more. But of course, other habits like eating more, and drinking more alcohol crept in as people adjusted to a new normal.

Many of us were delighted to see the back of 2020, and the New Year took on a new meaning. But of course, it wasn’t long before 2021 started to look a lot like 2020, with a third national lockdown announced.

New Year’s resolutions didn’t seem so appealing, as we all just tried to get on through to spring when hopefully a brighter future could come along.

Maybe by now though, you are missing the gym or organised sport you usually play? Maybe you are beginning to regret the Christmas excess and feel like you want to emerge from spring a new you! Not a lockdown 3 version of yourself…

Well, the good news is that there has never been a better time for staying fit, to work out at home or locally outside. A whole raft of resources, online tutorials and apps have sprung up to keep every fitness level happy and motivated.

So, here are some staying fit choices…

Joe Wicks

  • If you didn’t know who Joe Wicks was before, you probably did by the end of lockdown one, as he got the nation staying fit with daily P.E. classes (which you can still stream). Fans can also utilise his ‘The Body Coach’ app. Which includes 250+ free videos. There are paid subscription plans if you need a bit more guidance on the exercise and food front. You can also access a lot of content via his YouTube channel: The Body Coach TV – YouTube.


  • If Yoga is more your thing, then www.yogawithadriene.com may be of interest. She was an early adopter of platforms like YouTube and has been providing free content since 2012.There are beginner guides, as well as sessions that focus on weight loss, stress release, back pain and more. Even more fun her dog Benji sometimes joins her.

Mr Motivator

  • If you are of a certain age… You might remember Mr Motivator, well – he’s back! He was of course a favourite on morning television. But now you can access free ‘daily dozen’ workouts that are just 12 minutes long online. Mr Motivator’s Daily Dozen Workout | Monday Jan 04, 2021 – YouTube. Perfect for those that need more of a gentle reintroduction to exercise, due to age or injury recovery.


  • If you have always loved ballet, then you might like www.barrecore.com You can access live classes starting at £6 (first online live class is free, two-weeks free of on-demand classes). A great saving on the usual in-person cost of £28. Classes focus on small precise movements, but don’t be deceived you will ‘feel the burn’.

Nike Training Club

  • If you want to be able to go to one place, and access all sorts of different fitness styles, from yoga, to HIIT, to cardio – then why not try Nike Training Club. Whilst there are paid for or premium options within the app – there is no pressure to sign-up. You can choose whether to select styles by the time you have available, your fitness level or the intensity you are looking for. You can in essence create your own training plan. www.nike.com/gb/ntc-app

Fitness Blender

  • Fitness Blender, sounds more like something to do with diet, but in fact it is online access to over 500 free cardio videos. There is premium paid for content available if you get more serious about diet and exercise over time. There are workouts for all age ranges and abilities. www.fitnessblender.com/

Kate Rowe-Ham

Posted: 05/02/2021

Related Category: Health

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