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What is reiki healing and what is it used for?

Last Updated: November 17th, 2021


Reiki is a type of ancient healing that resurfaced in its current form through Mikao Usui, a Buddhist monk who was raised as a Samurai in Japan. He fasted for 21 days before being given the revelation of ancient symbols and deep energies.

Universal Life Force

When I first started being initiated into this practice, I was working in a disability resource centre with a Japanese girl called ‘Keiko’. She translated Reiki as ‘Holy Spirit’. Others say ‘Universal Life Force’ but the name is not as important as the effect it has. It is not a religion, but instead, much like Yoga it is a divine gift that we can all share irrespective of our background or spiritual belief system.

Purity of Intent

My guide Yashubi, also a Samurai, and Archangel Metatron, the Angel I channel the most, say that we are a healing race. We are naturally inclined to heal and help each other. With practice, purity of intent and surrender to the flow, the innate healing power of Reiki is open to everyone.

Reiki Initiations

There are three Reiki initiations. The first opens your channeling flow to use the energy on yourself and help with your personal issues, blockages and balance your chakras. I took this one many time’s with different Reiki Masters before finding the right place to continue. It is very enjoyable! I would recommend everyone do Reiki one at least once, as it is so good for your wellbeing.

The second initiation is where you learn to send Reiki from a distance and have access to ancient channeled symbols for Power, Distance, Harmony, Completion and Mastery. This further focuses your energy and deepens your awareness of the power that you have access to.

Each initiation takes three weeks to complete. Once the ceremony is over, for the following three weeks, the Reiki energy works through each of your seven chakras from your base to your crown. Whatever issues you need to deal with mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically come up to be cleared and cleansed. The deeper you surrender to the opening of your channel the easier it becomes. At first if you have many issues it may seem very intense but it is definitely worth it to feel the lightness of being that comes with the flow of divine energy.

The final initiation is the most intense one. Some Masters separate this into two ceremonies. One part widening the channel to its greatest extent so the deepest flow of Reiki can come through. Then, finally giving the Reiki Master symbol which imbues the recipient with the ability to attune others and become a Master.


As with all healing modalities, Reiki is a doorway to a more spiritual and peaceful existence. This is one of the most powerful things to come from beginning the practice. If you commit to this you are committing to living in the moment and adhering to some precepts that are life changing, but very simple. These all begin with ‘Just for today’.

Reiki Precepts

Just for today…

do not worry.

do not anger.

earn your living honestly.

be grateful for your blessings.

be kind to every living thing.

If we all adopted these precepts, even without the amazing, life changing effects of Reiki energy, the world would transform very quickly indeed!

Written by Psychic Reader – Robbie

Posted: 09/07/2020

Related Category: Health

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