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Capricorn: Who Are You Most Compatible With?

Last Updated: August 17th, 2023

Capricorn star sign

If your birthday falls between December 22 – January 21, then you are born under the star sign Capricorn.

Capricorns are inspired by love, but as private and shy people by nature, the art of romance and flirtation does not come easy. Whilst you may be deeply interested in a romantic union, you are likely to be slow to approach anyone you have feelings for. Flirting for fun would not be something that would enter your head, love for you is something to be taken much more seriously.

When you find love, you will be considerate of your partner, caring and committed. To be in love you will need to feel secure, especially from a finance perspective. The emotional side of romance, will always trouble you – so you will need reassurance.

When you finally say ‘I love you’, the person should be assured that you really mean it, it will never be something you take lightly or say glibly. But equally they should not expect to hear it repeated often!

Dating a Capricorn

Capricorns can be wary of dating, so if you are interested in this star sign, it can be a good idea to find ways to get together, without labelling things early on as dating. If you work together, perhaps meet to ‘discuss a project’, or if you belong to the same sports club, meet to ‘go over the game schedule’ etc. Coffee dates as a first step are a good idea, somewhere relaxed and social, but not too intimate.

This sign is on the look out for chemistry, there needs to be mutual attraction, Capricorns can be very tactile when lust is on their mind. When things are right – expect touching and kissing – things can heat up pretty quickly! But that said, on a day-to-day basis they are likely to keep public displays of affection to a minimum, preferring to communicate their feelings for you in a brief touch or smile. Some people will struggle with this difference, finding that Capricorns go from hot to cold – very expressive in the heat of passion and then unenthusiastic about affection after…

A deep and meaningful relationship is what a Capricorn is looking for, they don’t want to waste their time on one-night-stands, or partnerships they don’t see going anywhere. That said they are not ones to run – so if there are problems that can be sorted, they are likely to talk/work things out.

When you have been dating for a while it is inevitable that you will have a tiff or two! Be mindful that Capricorns by nature are very stubborn and will not want to back down but having said that they will consider carefully what you say to them.

In long-term relationships Capricorns can be domineering – they want to be in control. They want their partners to succeed in life and can be overly-ambitious on their behalf. Over time you will have to let Capricorn know that in these circumstances they need to give you some space and room to breathe.

Read on to find out what are Capricorns perfect zodiac matches, and what signs are likely to prove a more awkward coupling…

As a Capricorn what is your perfect zodiac match…


Taurus and Capricorn signs share many similar attitudes to life, they are both down to earth and yet passionate. Both of their needs for security, and especially their values in regards to money make them a very good match. Often their ambitions and dreams for their lives will coincide, making the relationship a harmonious one. Taurus will dedicate time to upkeeping their home and this will please Capricorn, equally Capricorn will be dedicated to both of their safety and long-term security which will reassure Taurus. All things considered, this pairing makes great marriage material. Read more about the Taurus sign here.


Virgo and Capricorn are similar in many ways: their approach to life, valuing a place they can call home, a certain amount of order and success in their day-to-day living. Neither has a desire for superficial relationships or large groups of friends, they prefer to have a few select friends that they really connect with and that share the same values. Outwardly this relationship will not seem like the most passionate coupling, but it is a union based on love and respect and practical desires for the future and as such is likely to lead to a long-term partnership. Read more about the Virgo sign here.

As a Capricorn what star signs are best avoided…


The Sagittarius sign is far to explosive for calm Capricorn, the signs really are polar opposites. Sagittarius are passionate, especially when it comes to demonstrating love and Capricorn will just interpret this as impulsive behaviour. Capricorns are more serious by nature, but for Sagittarius this will be considered as boring and stuck in their ways, they need someone much more fun-loving. Whilst opposites do sometimes attract, neither of these signs is able to see the virtues of the others actions or dreams and so the pairing has very little chance of a successful long-terms relationship. Read more about the Sagittarius sign here.


Capricorns might be considered to be uptight and conservative at times, and so for extravagant and high-spirited Leo this is never going to wash. Leo is a very tactile and affectionate sign, whereas Capricorns are not overly demonstrative. Leo thrives when they know they are loved, and need to be reassured and praised for their actions, but Capricorn is far to practical to do this. Many issues are likely to raise their head as problems very early on in any relationship of this duo from their sex-life, to their social life to the ever-important finances. As such the union is likely to fizzle out fast. Read more about the Leo sign here.

If you are searching for love or have met someone and you want to know if you will be a good zodiac match, then why not contact one of Psychic Light’s experienced readers, who can bring to light any of your concerns. Get in touch today, to find out about your love life! Don’t forget you can also check in with your monthly capricorn horoscopes at any time on the website.

Posted: 15/06/2018

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