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Cups: Tarot Cards – Minor Arcana, Eight-King

Last Updated: June 28th, 2024


Today, we are progressing with our exploration of the Minor Arcana. Last time, we discussed the Ace of Cups and cards 2 to 7. This time, we will explore cards 8, 9, and 10 along with the Page, Knight, Queen, and King cards.

Eight of Cups

If you had to sum up the Eight of Cups in two words, they would be: endings and abandonment. At first glance, that sounds quite bleak, but some endings occur naturally, and after an ending, there is usually a new beginning!

Quite often, this card relates to the end of a romantic relationship. It could have been a short union where both parties come to the conclusion that the time you spent has come to an end and a long-term future is not on the horizon. On the other hand, it could be the breakdown of a long-standing relationship or marriage. It is likely that you have both known you need to separate for some time, but it has taken until now for one of you to have the courage to say things out loud. This card may occur after something has shifted in life that has highlighted how you have grown apart. Perhaps children have left home or you have embarked on retirement only to realise you no longer have enough common ground.

The Eight of Cups sometimes has a full moon depicted in its design, which is a classic sign of an ending and a reminder that as one cycle ends, another begins. You may well be mourning the end of your relationship but take hope that at some point in the future, you may feel liberated and excited for what is to come.

Nine of Cups

The Nine of Cups is a great card to have in a spread. It indicates that you are in a period where everything is going your way, and you may even accomplish a long-held dream.

This card does not describe specific life areas experiencing success, but the other cards in your spread may provide clues. It could signify aspects such as a loving relationship, preparing for a significant event, welcoming a child, financial prosperity, or spiritual fulfilment. Whatever it represents, your emotional needs are being fulfilled, and the desired outcome is within reach.

Similar to many Minor Arcana cards, there is both a warning and a message with the Nine of Cups. It serves as a reminder never to take good fortune for granted and advises against becoming complacent or resting on our laurels.

Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups is another great card; it is full of joy, optimism, contentment, and happiness. It represents the culmination of something you have wanted or have been working towards.

If you have been struggling with illness or having a turbulent time in life, this card indicates that the tides are changing. The Ten of Cups is a positive card that provides lasting and dependable happiness.

This card often relates to a new home and family dynamics. You may have moved or be considering moving, perhaps to a place with more open space. This move will bring much contentment to your family, especially any children. You will put effort into making your new home your own and feel comfortable and grateful for everything you have at home and in yourself.

Page of Cups

The Page of Cups could be referring to a situation. If so, it is likely that this situation is in the early stages and thus fragile. For instance, it may describe a very new relationship where both parties are still on their ‘best behaviour’. It’s hard to determine at this stage whether things will be enjoyable for a while and then fizzle out or if you were meant for each other and will go the distance. Either way, you will treat things with caution and nurture things along.

The other cards surrounding the Page may also indicate if this card represents a spiritual awakening for you. Alternatively, you might be on the brink of starting a creative project, entering a period of study or teaching, or embarking on a new direction in life. These experiences will soften your approach towards others and make you more accepting in general.

The Page of Cups may also depict a person, probably someone quite young who enters your life. They are considerate and sensitive; you appreciate their loyalty and good nature. While this person may not play a major role in your life, their brief presence leaves a lasting impression and holds significance during that time.

Knight of Cups

Have you been weighing up the pros and cons of a new path in life? Or are you considering finally taking the plunge on something you have wanted to do or experience? If so, then the Knight of Cups is just the suggestion you have been looking for. Follow your heart; it will make you happy!

You may feel caught up in a whirlwind of excitement as you enter a busy and lively phase of life. This endeavour may be creative, artistic, spiritual, or travel-related. You may even move house. However, as you grow and develop on this journey, it will provide a lot of satisfaction and pleasure. Wonderful opportunities await you.

If the Knight of Cups represents a person for you, they are likely to be on the periphery of your life. Perhaps any affection you hold for them fluctuates over time. Or maybe they were once significant but not anymore. If this relates to a current relationship, then while romance feels heady and exciting, there might be a warning at the back of your mind signalling that ‘it is too good to be true.’ Heed the advice!

Queen of Cups

In many scenarios, the Queen of Cups represents a mature woman whom you admire. The card suggests that it would be beneficial for you to express some of the traits that this woman possesses.

Perhaps this individual embodies the classic Earth Mother archetype – maternal in instinct, considerate, empathetic, and unafraid of her emotions. She may not be overly concerned with appearances, focusing instead on cherishing her family and friends while creating a safe nurturing environment at home.

It is highly probable that she is involved in a caring or healing profession through work or volunteering and may possess intuitive gifts. She appears attuned to global events, showing sensitivity towards those in distress around her.

Despite her admirable qualities, she might seem slightly distant to you. It could be that she keeps a part of herself reserved or simply has numerous commitments occupying her time. She likely selects her company wisely and takes precautions to ward off negative energies.

King of Cups

The King of Cups may describe someone you know. Perhaps this man is already centre stage in your life? He is probably widely respected and an authoritative figure. Although friendly and helpful, he seems to have a self-defence mechanism in place that keeps him slightly apart from you.

This figure likely has an advisory role in life. Perhaps he is a mentor, counsellor, teacher, or works in a health field. Often, The King of Cups is a spiritual authority, whether that is their occupation or their calling. For example, if he is a doctor or minister, it may explain why he has to stay reserved up to a point so he can do his job without taking the world’s emotions onto his shoulders.

Your takeaway from this card could be to show your emotions more. Do not be afraid to be demonstrative with those you love and care for. Don’t always feel that you must keep your feelings to yourself – open up and trust more.

Posted: 28/06/2024

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