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Spirit Guides – working with them…by Mariah – PIN: 1881

Last Updated: August 17th, 2023

Spirit Guides

Who are my Spirit Guides?

I am often asked who are my Spirit Guides? How do I know when they are with me, and what are their messages to me? I can tell you that we all have guides. I know mine through the work I do, sometimes a new one appears, and older ones stand back, it’s quite a fluid arrangement. Working mediums do work closely with guides because getting to know your guides is an essential element of professional development and continuous development. Spirit Guides work with us to help us do the work. So, a working medium does have a working knowledge of their guides, because it is more like a partnership.

However, we all have guides. Each one of us is an eternal soul. We may have had many lives, and at each incarnation, we are born, live on the earth plane then we return to spirit. We are spirit, while we are on the earth plane, the spirit has a physical body to wear, a bit like a jacket, over the inner core, the invisible spirit within. The jacket is not built to last, it is a vehicle for earthly life, but we are eternal spirits, so we return home once the jacket no longer functions. The jacket, in that sense, becomes irrelevant, the spirit continues its evolutionary journey.

The Theories

There are lots of books and theories about what I am giving here, and some of them make sense to me, but my work is about giving what spirit gives me. So, I am not attaching theories to my explanation here, because neither my guides or loved ones, have given me any backup on the theories. I believe we evolve in this life; we learn lessons here on the earth plane, all of us, and we are definitely eternal in the sense that only the body dies.

We all have a purpose in life. From those born to create huge shifts in societal structures, down to just feeding the family, each one of us is here for a reason. The number one reason is our own souls’ development. Cleaning toilets may not liberate a nation, but it is still a highly valuable action, and service, so everyone is equal in a spiritual sense. There is no higher or lower purpose to our individual existences, no hierarchy from a spiritual perspective.

Evolved Souls

Spirit Guides are, however, highly evolved souls. They are capable of divine, unconditional love and acceptance. Something which is very hard to practice on the earth plane. They channel peace and growth to us, they have lessons to teach to those who want to work closely with them, but it is not a demand. Again, guides never instruct or demand, just support. They do not have egos. For us, this might be a kind of requirement of earth plane life, and a necessity at times, for self-protection. Identity is a social construct, so without identity and ego, they don’t need us to know who they are or who they were. Working with them to raise your own vibration is all they seek to achieve, they might give you an identity to help you relate, but it is not important to the guides.

To work with your guides, or at least receive assurance that they are with you, is the same fundamentals of opening to spirit. Putting your logical and rational mind on pause, and just allowing. This is the phrase that I would encourage you to work with, ‘allow spirit to make themselves known to you. I say this because they are always there, the only real block is ourselves. Temporarily suspend any doubt, just have faith and allow. It takes practice, so don’t be discouraged if you try it repeatedly, and get nothing. This happens to me sometimes, so don’t feel it is a failure or you can’t learn. You can. I have, and you can. I fail, that’s fine, that is normal. Just don’t stop experimenting.

Powerful Healing

Allow the guides to give what they need to, allow the feelings, the sensations, the images to form without censorship or judgement. Accept that it might take time for the meanings to be revealed to you. Practice and familiarity helps, and don’t be surprised if they crack a joke with you. Spirit Guides are just like your best friend, they never let you down, they never deceive you, and they are always the best company. As long as you are ready and willing, your guides will give you everything you ask for, and more, especially healing. Spirit Guides can give powerful healing when you need it, and because they come from a place of unconditional love, they will give to others if you ask them to.

In the tradition of spiritualist mediumship, the theory is that we do not give guides in a reading, because, unlike loved ones, guides cannot be evidenced. Unless of course, you have already met your guides, then it is a wonderful confirmation that you are on the right path. However, I do give guides if one comes through in a reading, because my personal view is the medium should not censor what is being given. Spirit Guides rarely come through in a sitting, because your task is to work with them yourself, and that is part of the discipline that is needed to work with spirit.

Accept they are there

Not everyone wants to work with spirit or wants to meditate to meet their guides, and that is fine with the guides. You can still connect to your guides for yourself, more simplistically. You don’t need to work at seeing them if you follow the one simple rule of total trust. Totally trust they are there, that they hear your prayers, thoughts, requests and they will answer them. Even if it takes a winding path and a bit of time, they always deliver. Offer your unconditional love to them, as they surround you with theirs. 

If you need advice, our psychic reader Mariah (Pin 1881) is available to offer guidance and support.

Posted: 27/11/2019

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