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Dating After Divorce: What it means

Tagged: divorce, love, marriage, relationships,

Statistics show that divorce rates are on the rise, meaning more of us out there are single and once again looking for love. Being in a relationship with someone for a significant amount of time can change the way we view single life and putting yourself back on the dating scene can be daunting and an unwanted consequence of your split.

Rather than shying away we have some tips which may make post-divorce dating easier and more enjoyable. Recent data published by the Office for National Statistics has shown the number of couples getting divorced actually increased by 4.9% from 2009 to 2010, so you are certainly not alone if you are in this statistic.

The data also revealed that almost a fifth of men and women that were divorced had been divorced before, which showed that they were prepared to try marriage again. So if you were thinking that divorce puts an end to you finding your true soul mate then be optimistic.

It may just be that you haven’t met them yet. It’s inevitable that it will take some time for you to even consider dating again but once you have made the decision then don’t waste any time getting out there! Dating can be a great mood enhancer which gives you the opportunity to meet new people and experience new things, even if you aren’t ready to commit or get married again.

Only you know when you are ready to date again and there is no rule on how long this may be, just trust your gut instinct and go with it. Don’t rush into anything that you aren’t ready for, as getting over a marriage with someone you really cared about can take time and a lot of healing. Talk your feelings through with someone you can trust.

You may find that a lot of people have been in the same situation as you and can give you great advice on how to approach single life. If you don’t feel like you can talk to anyone you know then a call to Psychic Light could give you support and guidance that you need to move on from a divorce.

Once you start dating again you may feel out of practise or behind on the times if you have been in a relationship for a long period, but it won’t take you long to get familiar with the dating scene once again. Certain dating rules never get old.

Making sure you’re on time, paying attention to your date and not coming on too strong all still apply and can ensure your date runs as smoothly as possible! If you are perhaps a little apprehensive about getting back into the dating scene and are looking for advice on how to date online, then we published an article titled ‘Love in the Modern Age’ which has some great, simple tips that you can follow.

It’s important that you try not to fall back into old habits, meeting up with your ex after your divorce has been finalised may feel safe and familiar but it probably won’t be doing either of you any good. Make a clean break and if you have tied up all the loose ends regarding your relationship there is no reason to keep in constant contact with your ex.

Once you have done this then you can start to move on and start being open to finding somebody else. However if you have children with a previous partner then this may complicate things a little. It’s important to be supportive and to acknowledge your child’s feelings in this situation.

Communication is key, so make sure you talk things through straight away if they feel uncomfortable or distressed to ensure you don’t run into any long term problems. Introducing your children to a new partner is a big step, so make sure you are committed to the relationship before allowing them to form a bond with your loved ones.

Finally, the most important thing is to stay positive and have fun! Divorce is often seen by many as the end of their love life, however with a positive attitude there is no reason why someone who is divorced cannot be successful in love a second, third or fourth time round. Dating can give you a fresh lease of life, and confirmation of what a great person you really are.

It may also give you the incentive to concentrate on yourself again, join a gym and have some ‘you time’. Once you start feeling confident and believing in yourself again then you can start to feel happy with your love life, no matter what your situation may be.

Posted: 11/04/2012

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