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Psychic Reader Ellie
PIN: 1180


Ellie is a clairaudient, clairsentient and spiritual medium and comes from a Turkish gypsy background with Psychic abilities since childhood. When clients have a reading with her, they often sense the spiritual energy flowing.

Ellie has the ability to tune into the soul. The client doesn’t even have to say a word as she can see through to the colours of their aura, which says so much about them, and look into their destiny.

Ellie also has the ability to open the doors of the afterlife and pass on messages from loved ones that have crossed over, angels and elders. She may also be able to assist with dream interpretation and past life regression.

What Our Customers Say About Ellie

Ellie is a kind, sensitive and very intelligent psychic. She is really gifted and has been a great support to me. I would recommend her highly to anyone interested in a more in depth and soul reading.

Carol from London

Had a couple of readings with Ellie, has been a great experience and feeling great level of positivity. God bless you always. Will be back for more clarifications, thank you so much x.

Hitesh from Sierra Leone

My second reading with Ellie was so amazing! I hope it all comes about as she said! Thanks so much Ellie you are wonderful!

Lisa from Yorkshire

I spoke to Ellie in the early hours of this morning 9/3/15. Ellie is an Angel. You feel healed as soon as you hear her beautiful voice. She has told me things that have happened in the past and is keeping me sane during a very difficult time. This lady has a real gift and I will never speak to any other psychic again and believe me I've tried so many. I just can't wait for her next predictions to come to fruition. I only wish I could talk to her all day. Please call Ellie if you need authentic and honest love and guidance, you will not be disappointed. Thank you so much Ellie. S from Yorkshire xxx

S from Yorkshire

As far as I am concerned, you could not get much better than Ellie. Besides being the sweetest person you could talk to, her readings are amazingly insightful. I speak from experience. Ellie has read for me for at least two years now and there has never, ever been anything that has not been correct and this is in any subject that life throws at us. She's just lovely and I always look forward to speaking to her, knowing that what she tells me is correct and I have faith in her. Ellie is a real credit to her profession. Many, many thanks Ellie xx

C from Wales

I love, love, love Ellie. She is a beautiful soul through and through. She has been there for me for a quick question or longer readings and never shows me anything but compassion and kindness. I spoke to her a few weeks ago regarding someone close to me and everything she told me, down to the specifics, has now transpired; she was a pillar of strength and I will always be grateful to her. She is always so intuitive. Ellie delivers her readings with such honesty and with the highest integrity and I am so grateful that she shares her gift to guide me and I am sure others too. Thank you Ellie xx

C from UK

Several years ago Ellie said she saw me very happy with a new man in my life. She was right as I met him months later and we've been in a long-term and happy relationship ever since!

Penny from East Anglia

I've had some difficult times lately and Ellie has been a comfort and an inspiration. Her kindness and honesty always come through in her readings and she lifts your spirits. Ellie's readings are professional and insightful. She is a real gem; thank you so much Ellie!

H from UK

Out of my surprise, Ellie's reading has been ALWAYS coherent with me even though she didn't know/recognise me at that time when I started calling her. Now I'm her repeater so she would probably remember lots of my story, so it might be another reason why she always says the same thing on my destiny. However, knowing that she has always been telling me the same since the very first time I called her (8 months ago or so?), I feel she is a sincere psychic who is connected to the spiritual world. So far, what she has been coherently telling me is coming closer to its shape in reality; even though at that time I couldn't believe what she was telling me. She is the only one person (not only a psychic) who made sense about my life, whereas I have been living in my life with the confusion for over 40 years! What she reads makes very good sense of all of my life! Her readings made me realise that I was trying to live against my destiny; therefore I have had obstacles in front of me every time when I was trying to against the destiny, but to follow the norm in this culture. She made me realised that I'm an approved unique being and don't have to be same as others. I will be keep seeing what's coming next, and I will keep continuing to feel that I'm protected, which I never felt so before in all my life. Thanks to her, she made me realise lots of things and made me feel so grounded.

A from London

I have enjoyed readings with Ellie for over ten years now. I have been amazed at how she tunes into what I am currently thinking, or what I have had on my mind. While I was in the maelstrom of a horrible relationship breakdown, Ellie predicted an important event would take place way before it did. Ellie described a woman packing her bags and leaving the country and that is exactly what happened some months later. I am also grateful for her gracious and sensitive handling of my many moods including everything from depression to utter despair. Thank you Ellie.

Caroline from West London

Have had a few reading with Ellie now and she is consistent in her information and even when she has to tell you something negative or possibly hurtful she doesn’t want to; but she gives the facts with compassion and kindness. Thank you Ellie

Rachel from Greece

Just had a reading with Ellie who tuned in immediately and was able to pick instantly on the areas of life in which I needed guidance. Ellie didn’t ask me any questions and was SPOT ON. What an amazing reader, you can feel her energy & connection. I will leave more once her predictions come into being, but she has been one of the best readers I have spoken too, and trust me, I have consulted with many over the years. Thank you so much Ellie. Blessings of light & love to you.

Jane from London

Ellie is a very kind and sensitive and really knows who you are and what you are about. You do not need to give her any information; she just starts telling you all about yourself and picked up immediately my reason for calling. Thank you Ellie.

Rachel from Greece

I’ve been having readings with Ellie for many years now....I have to say she is brilliant!!...Thank you Ellie for all your support over the and blessings.

Deenah from London

Bless you Ellie, such a wonderful uplifting reading with amazing insight.

M from Hampshire

Had such a lovely reading with Ellie last week, she is profound and works on a deeply spiritual level with very specific detail and in a very loving way. Thank you Ellie

R from London

Ellie is one of the sweetest people here; she always makes me relaxed. When I talk with her it is like I knew her all my life - she really does get a lot right. I find I never want other reader, she is the best here. Thank you xxxx

Stephanie from Leicester

I have readings with Ellie now for a few years. She is excellent, especially on relationship issues. The lady is just amazing.

G from Preston

 Ellie is such a good reader and I really do link with her; had her many years now and I’ve not really liked anyone else to read for me...I feel so close to her when she reads for me; she tends to relax me and puts my mind to rest. She gets so much stuff right. Like a good friend xx

Stephanie from Leicester

Ellie is a really good reader; she always makes me feel relaxed. I feel a really good connection with her; with other readers I have not felt this. She does get many things right... I’ll tell all my mates to ask for reader ‘Ellie’. I find she is the only reader for me; it is as if I have known her all my life xx.

Stephanie from Leicester

I would like to thank your readers for their kindness and support over the last twelve months, especially Jasmine and Ellie who are just fantastic. I don’t know how I would have got through such trying times without their assistance. I can’t thank you both enough. Love and blessings to you both x

Sheila from Norfolk

The readers on this site are absolutely amazing. I have been going through a very upsetting and emotional few months and during my time of need I have found the readings that I have received to be comforting, reassuring and uplifting. I rang and spoke to Ellie today and she was wonderful. So friendly and spot on. That said I have found all readers that I have spoken to have been professional and incredibly kind. I really can't thank you all enough x

J from London

Had my first ever reading with Ellie last night and was pleasantly surprised. Ellie picks up things very quickly without any assistance from you. She is a very sympathetic reader and has a very calming voice. I would certainly speak to Ellie again! Many thanks x

Anon from Midlands

I have had many readings with Ellie and Marcus, I want to take this opportunity to thank them both for being absolutely amazing. I feel as though I have known them forever, such a friendly and healing way about them. Thank you both.

Sheila from Norfolk

Ellie - you are wonderful! Thank you for your insight not only about me, but also my family member. Px

P from Greater London

Ellie is especially good at getting into contact with your spirit guides. With her kindness, integrity and experience you can see yourself as your spirit guides see you. They are always there from one thing to the next. Remembering your strengths, even when you forget! I have been surprised by the number of loving and supportive comments I have received.

Zofia from Nottingham

Lovely reading with Ellie, thank you.

Sam from Kent

Hi Ellie, you are the most amazing reader I have ever spoken to, I always feel you really connect with me. I am holding on to your positive words and waiting for my husband to come back to me. I will soon give you the good news he has come back to me. I will speak to you soon, look after yourself. Shehla

Shehla from London

Ellie, thank you for your honest reading – I always like to get my readings from you as they are always spot-on. I am waiting for the results now; I will talk to you whenever I feel lost and will let you know when he comes back to me. God bless you, Jouune

Jouune from London

I’d just like to say thank you to Ellie & Norma who I have had many readings with, they have been great and always correct. When I feel down or confused I call and I get the reassurance that I am looking for. They know without me saying, what is new on my mind and worrying me, and they know what will happen and that puts my mind to rest - which comes true. Thank you very much for everything they have done for me.

Kam from Slough

Dear Psychic Light, please thank Ellie for all the wonderful readings she has given me over the last year. I have phoned her many times and she has always proved to be correct, but, more importantly she has always shown me compassion, patience and understanding when no one else could as they couldn't see what I was going through. I recently separated from my husband of 18 years and Ellie has really aided me come to terms with so many things regarding my situation. I can highly recommend her and would also like to add that I am speaking from experience in that I have had many readings in my life and Ellie is certainly the real deal, and I would have to say the kindest and most compassionate person I have ever had a reading from. She really is quite amazing. She has real psychic ability combined with sensitivity, compassion and kindness. Once again, thank you Ellie and may God bless you.

Melley from Brighton

Ellie always makes me smile even when I am feeling pretty low with any situation. After a call with her it gives me strength and everything makes sense. Big Thank you Ellie!!

Jackie from Kingston-Upon-Thames

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