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Valentine’s Day

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Every year the14th day of February brings around a time of flowers, chocolates, and expensive dinners. Whether you love or loathe it, Valentines Day is just round the corner so why not embrace it this year! We bring you a guide on how to maximise your Valentines Day experience even if you find yourself spending it alone this year. Contrary to popular belief, Valentines Day isn’t just a modern money making scheme, it has important historical significance and has been celebrated since the fourth century BC. According to popular belief, Valentines Day originated around 489 AD. At the time, there were many Saints of the name Valentine, and it is still unclear which of them the day was named after. The most popular belief is that it was named after a Bishop named Valentine, stationed in the Roman Empire. At the time, Emperor Claudius II decided that unmarried men made better soldiers so ruled that young men could not marry. Bishop Valentine took pity on the soldiers and officiated the weddings secretly, against the Emperors law. After being jailed for his crimes, it is said that Valentine fell in love with his jailors daughter, and before his execution he wrote to her “From your Valentine” as his final goodbye.   The modern Valentines Day has therefore come to encourage couples all over the world to celebrate their love for one another. If you are struggling for ideas on how to make this Valentines Day special this year then why not do something different? Rather than sticking to the traditional meal out, there are hundreds of different ways to show how much your partner means to you. Get creative, and make a gift that can really be appreciated. Whether it’s a letter, or a romantic homemade hamper, the more personal the better! Or simply give your loved one the gift of time! Promise to spend an entire day, weekend or evening together, forgetting about everything you have to do and just focus on each other.   No one to spend Valentines Day with this year? Why not spend it with yourself! Get down to some serious pampering, prepare a great meal and put on your favourite film and enjoy spending some quality with yourself. If you don’t fancy being alone then get some other single friends together and go out or book a spa weekend! Whatever you choose. If a relationship is still on your mind then why not use this Valentines Day as an excuse to look for love? Signing up to a dating site or joining a local club are great ways to kick start a new relationship, and you never know, this time next year you could be spending Valentines Day with “the one”!   One of our Psychic Readers can advise on whether love could be round the corner for you this year. Psychic Light have a wide range of readers who specialise in love and relationships, there has never been a better time to get in touch. If you haven’t yet heard, Psychic Light has just launched gift vouchers. You can now treat a friend or loved one to a Psychic Reading. Simply go to our Gift Voucher website page – www.psychiclight.com/gift-vouchers Select the amount of money you want to pay and we will email you a gift voucher for the correct amount of minutes that you can present to the recipient. 10% bonus minutes are given for all purchases over £60. A pre-pay account is set up with the purchased minutes and once they are used up the recipient can continue to use the account and top up minutes as and when they like. For full details on the pre-pay service see the FAQ page: www.psychiclight.com/pre-pay-faq

Posted: 13/02/2013

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