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Adele PIN: 3622 – Discover Her Journey

Last Updated: September 9th, 2021


Adele is Clairsentient and Clairaudient, she holds a space for clients to remember and experience their wisdom and healing inside. As well as how to master the power of their mind to create their destiny. She has been working with the healing arts since the early 1980s and with Spirit since birth. Adele is an intuitive counsellor with 35+ years of experience and is an enthusiast of self-development and personal growth.

The flow of Universal Energy

Readings with a client include Adele’s psychic abilities as well as counselling, guidance and wisdom to assist them to better their lives. All of what Adele can be and does are designed to attune the client to the natural flow of universal energy through the use of their intuition. Adele has a unique and fully formed ‘Line of Intuition’ on both her hands. This shows she has a very real gift of channelling spiritual insights, strong gut instinct and strong knowledge about people or situations. 

Everyday intuitive living is a discipline for Adele, both for inspiration and personal growth. Adele’s guides along with her advice are there to support her clients on their intuitive path and get them to think of subtle guidance in ways they normally don’t. 

New Age Exercises

Adele’s readings are accessible and inspiring and utilise many common New Age exercises and spiritual practices, such as prayer, meditation and an appreciation of the healing arts. As Adele has grown in age and maturity more channels have opened up to her. 

As a psychic reader, Adele knows and understands that this Divine inspiration is about belief and a ‘leap of faith. It doesn’t matter how you make sense of the inner guidance, the voices and ideas that direct us. The question is, are you listening? As a creative soul, Adele knows that this intuitive area is a sacred space of hope that opens doors to flashes of inspiration, innovation, creative insight, aha moments, eclectic feelings that she would never find by reason alone. For Adele intuition comes from her higher self and goes above and beyond her normal five senses. 

Intuitive Nudges

If we want to live our best life, then Adele feels paying attention to those intuitive nudges, the gut reactions or sense of knowing is crucial. Acting on your intuitive guidance is what will make the real shift from surviving to thriving in your life! 

Adele – Spiritual Artist

As an intuitive and spiritual artist, Adele creates art using an inner awareness that is heart-centred and does not rely on analysis or head-based questions. A spiritual artist is a spiritual purified person who functions as a mediator/communicator between the system of rules of the laws of existence and the recipient. It is this inspiration that seems to flow through Adele from some Divine energy. 

Adele knows that creative people are highly intuitive. It is their intuitive awareness that helps an artist connect with new understandings and different perspectives and ways of seeing the world.

Spiritual art is manifested in the spheres of interchange of resonance, higher energy spiritually between people and a priceless living bridge (spiritual bridge) between mind and spirit. 


Adele feels that artists have taken up the role of the shaman in our times. Possibly because both art and shamanism use the zone of metaphor where the feeling is expressed and where healing happens. 

With metaphoric creative vision, empathy flows from one place to another in a steady rite of passage, knowing no borders. Both artists and shamans create harmony within an individual, and between the individual and the natural world. As a whole way of thinking is essential for life, and for survival in an often-hostile environment; which some people have almost forgotten about in the pursuit of money, technology and power.

Adele senses that artists as shamans are needed in these warring times. Art heals and reveals that which scientific knowledge cannot. Artists and shamans are people in a quest for life’s deeper mystery. All art forms contribute to our spiritual wealth and development. For those who need it, this is further evidence that everyone is connected to everyone else, from the past, to living now and still to come. Shamanism is universally concerned with the well-being of both nature and human nature, and the relationship between them.


Reader Adele explains the imagination process in her own words, as it relates to her art and psychic readings process:

“When the imagination works, everything works. The entire psyche regains courage; life regains its goals; passion rediscovers hope. A blocked imagination can be restored to a state of healthy effectiveness by utilising a well-directed sacred image. 

My art/poetry contains much symbolism, with butterflies symbolising transformation, children (my granddaughter Telsea) representing inner joy, abundance and happiness, eyes become doorways to the soul’s freedom, human thought or form for our attempts to reach conscious or unconscious goals. 

Exploring subjects such as past and future journeys, I use white to symbolise the future, blue for dreaming, green for life and pink representing harmony for your personal sphere. I hope that through my work I can share that feeling with others, leaving viewers with a greater sense of peace and relaxation. The imagination is our direct line to true intelligence and greatness. It is in the womb of imagination that the great inventions of the world are conceived and the great works of art are envisioned.

Dreams to Reality

Through our imagination, we connect with the future and meet the angels in their purest form. When we‘re in an imaginative state, we‘re completely open to all sorts of possibilities and highly receptive to angelic guidance. That guidance, if followed, tends to turn imaginings into happenings. Your most impossible dreams are, indeed, all in your imagination – just waiting to become reality.”

Posted: 14/07/2021

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