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Stories of Crimes Solved by Psychics

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  Psychics are gifted in many ways; they can predict the future, communicate with the dead and offer advice on the direction your life is heading. Not many people know that psychics have vital inputs and success rates when they assist solving crimes, which is why we’re sharing these incredible stories with you…

  1. 15 years ago a man went missing in Swansea, and the police turned to a psychic after they kept hitting dead ends. After communicating with the police, the psychic mentioned that the man they were looking for had committed suicide in his car. The police followed the lead, and went to the location that was described. The psychic was correct.
  2. Mark Green was a 31-year-old male who was reported missing in 2004. Mark’s aunt decided to take matters into her own hands and contact a psychic after the police were not able to make any progress on finding the missing person. The psychic filmed the reading and let the aunt take it to the police – the tape stated that Mark had been murdered in Birmingham. It was not a missing persons case; it was now a murder investigation. The psychic then directed the police to the location of the murder, and stated that appearing on television would make the murderer confess. After Mark’s parents appeared on the news, James McMahon came forward and admitted to helping his brother, Robert McMahon commit the crime.
  3. Plane crashes catch the attention of the world, so when a psychic in 1984 helped Jessica Herbert find the location of the plane, the police were stunned. Jessica’s brother was on the flight, and she was desperate to save him. After talking to the psychic, she was told there were no survivors on the plane, but the psychic was able to offer co-ordinates of the plane crash. The plane was found in the location the psychic described with no survivors.
  4. When a child goes missing, the police take the matter extremely seriously. However, when Edith Kiecorius went missing in 1961, the police were not able to locate her and became stumped. They turned to a psychic to assist them in the case. The psychic stated that he saw the location of the child vividly and the child was in a large grey house that has five floors, which was two houses away from a laundrette and dry cleaners. He stated that Edith was on the second floor, but she had died. The police investigated this further and the psychic was correct with every detail. The psychic even described the killer’s appearance, and police were able to arrest and convict the murderer a week later.
  5. Andre Daigle went missing after a night out with his friends. Andre offered to drive a woman home after the night out, however there was no contact from Andre for the next four days. Andre’s sister decided to see a psychic as she was becoming more and more worried, and needed to know his whereabouts. After showing the psychic a picture of her brother, the psychic suddenly felt a sharp pain in her head, which made her believe Andre felt the same pain. The psychic went on to describe the men who had killed Andre, and due to the psychic’s help, Andre’s brother and the police were able to find the murderers.

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Posted: 20/04/2016

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