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Palm Reading: Quick-Fire

Last Updated: October 4th, 2023

Palm Reading

You may not have heard the term: Chiromancy, but it is an ancient term used to describe Palmistry or Palm Reading.

The art of Palm Reading is one that can take many years to fully finesse. A reader will look at many things, like the shape and texture, bumps and mounds of the hand – not just the lines! An experienced reader will also know that the quality of line is very important, and that markings change over time, just as we change and grow.

However, if you would like to develop your Palm Reading and psychic skills, or would even just like a great way to get to know a stranger at a party!

Then there are things to look for easily, as a beginning point:

5 Easy Steps to Palm Reading

Check if the person is left or right-handed. A reading of the dominant hand will deal with the past and present, and a reading of the non-dominant hand looks at the future.

Assess the size of the hand/palm. Small handed people tend to like big projects not fine details – they are ‘doers’! Conversely those with larger hands, enjoy intricate work and are ‘thinkers’.

Check the shape of the hand – a rectangular shape indicates they are gentle, creative and principled. A square hand suggests the person is grounded and practical with high-energy.

Bend their thumb back – if it moves easily the person is laid back, if it doesn’t, they probably have stubborn tendencies.

Next move to the fingers – short digits indicate they are quick and effectual. Long fingered people like to take their time – they have a lot of patience.


Ask the person to cup their hand, then look at it sideways – this way you will be able to determine which mount is the largest. The mount is the spongy area at the bottom of each finger:

Thumb – Love

Index Finger – Leadership

Middle Finger – Dependability

Ring Finger – Imagination

Little Finger – Travel & Prosperity

The Moon Mount is a little harder to find – look at the outside of the hand, running down the side of the palm, beginning underneath the little finger. This particular mount deals with emotional intelligence as well as creativity. If the bump is quite pronounced the person is likely very imaginative, innovative and resourceful.


You will no doubt have heard of the main lines: fate, head, heart and life…

The Fate Line looks at how influenced a person is by outside forces! Career and job success show through a straight and strong fate line. A line that stops, suggests that the person likes to move from one thing to the next.

Interestingly not everyone has a fate line! Those that don’t are literally masters of their own destinies…

The Head Line is all about intellectual abilities and communication skills. If this line is curved, the person is likely imaginative, colourful and a little bit showy. A straighter line, means the person is quite down to earth and very practical about how they live their day-to-day lives.

Broken lines suggest a mind that is all too busy – it’s time to relax!

The Heart Line deals with emotional matters, not just romance, but how someone demonstrates sensitivities like compassion, kindness and understanding. It is likely that the longer the line the more nurturing the character.

Breaks in the line do usually mean an unsettled romantic life. A line that goes up to the life line crease suggests that they don’t cope well with stress and get upset easily.

The Life Line is about self-worth and confidence, drive, passion and energy for life. It’s not in fact as many imagine a line that predicts how long you will live! A wavy and thick line suggests that the person will be happy and fulfilled – approaching life with gusto. In contrast a thinner and finer line suggest that the individual is not as happy as they could be they need to stop letting other people influence their thoughts and actions!

Gaps in a life line usually indicate that abrupt and unexpected changes in a relationship are afoot.

Palm Reading: What else to look for?

Moreover, a hand that does not have many lines is one that is living a life free of anxiety!

You might have also heard of ‘Worry Lines’, these lines can be seen at the base of the thumb, towards the life line. The concern here is really whether the worry line, crosses the life line. If it does – it really is time to slow down, ease concerns and enjoy life more for the here and now!

Posted: 20/11/2020

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