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Child Stars to Troubled Adults

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Staggering amounts of money, power and fame at a young age can make the transition to adult life a hard one. Unfortunately, as a result we are seeing more and more child stars hitting the headlines for taking increasingly troubled paths into adulthood. There is little more stressful for a young child than growing up in the public eye, and many child stars find it difficult to adapt to an adult career and adult way of life after they acquire fame at a young age. Failure to retain stardom, pressure from parents and public exposure from childhood are all huge factors in the fall of many child stars and unfortunately many go on to struggle with mental illness and addiction. While there are plenty of child star success stories, there are hundreds of examples of kids who have found themselves fall under the ‘curse of the child star’. We look at just a few examples: Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan is one of the most classic examples of a fallen child star. The actress’s career kicked off when she was just 11 when she landed the leading role in Disney’s The Parent Trap. By 2005 she was Hollywood’s most in demand actress, but over the last few years the actress has become infamous for an endless cycle of partying and bad decisions, leading to numerous visits to court, rehab and even jail. Amanda Bynes The 28-year-old actress was once a teen queen of the early 2000’s but a recent battle with her mental health saw her hospitalised following concerns over her increasingly bizarre and erratic behaviour. After multiple arrests, Bynes is now under her parent’s conservatorship and is receiving specialised treatment. Macaulay Culkin Once regarded as the most famous child actor since Shirley Temple, Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin was unable to transition into adult roles and became estranged from his parents while spiralling into trouble with drugs. Britney Spears Britney Spears started her career as an 11 year old after she was cast in the Mickey Mouse Club. In 2007, the singer had a much-publicised breakdown, when she shaved her head before eventually ending up unwillingly committed to a psychiatric ward. Shia LaBoeuf After seemingly transitioning into adult roles quite successfully, former Disney Channel child star Shia LaBeouf shocked fans after a series of strange outbursts and a string of arrests over the last year. He is currently receiving voluntary treatment for alcohol addiction. No matter how lucky, rich or famous they are, many celebrities still feel unsatisfied in life. Just like these troubled former child stars, many of us will have our own happiness threatened by certain circumstances from our past. Our psychics can give guidance, believing that the more you allow yourself to be healed from pains of the past the more you will be able to go on and lead a happy and fulfilled life. Our psychics offer advice on past issues as well as guiding you to move on and become more productive and positive as an adult. With many years of life experience between them, Psychic Light’s group of psychics and mediums can provide you with the most support. For an in-depth reading right now, call one of our psychics.

Posted: 27/08/2014

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