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Christmas Party Etiquette

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The countdown to Christmas has officially begun, which can only mean one thing, the return of the Christmas party! From office parties to family get-togethers most of us will be preparing for the excitement of the party season. However many parties can be a law unto themselves which require careful planning and preparation! Our guide will help you to make the most of the night and avoid the dreaded Christmas party faux pas. 1-Drinking too much – Over doing it on the free booze is often one of the biggest regrets at the Christmas party. Just because something’s free doesn’t mean you should consume as much of it as you can! Remember your limits and recognise when you’ve had a bit too much. The drink might be flowing, but bear in mind who you are spending the night with and that you are probably being watched and judged! Alcohol reduces your ability to control what you say so keep the conversation away from gossip or controversial topics, especially at an office party. Rather than spending the night at the bar, keep dancing, and having fun with your colleagues. We’ve all seen people making fools of themselves so keep in mind what is acceptable and you’ll make it through the night with your reputation intact, and your job!! 2-Mixing business and pleasure – Our inhibitions often go out of the window at the office party, so be careful about who you’re standing under the mistletoe with. Do your career a favour and ignore co-workers advances. The odds are neither of you are looking for a long term relationship, so ask yourself whether it’s worth it. If not, keep things on a friendly level with your colleagues and you can enjoy the night without worrying about the consequences. 3-Choosing your outfit – No one wants to end up on the office version of the worst dressed list, so make sure you plan ahead and get second opinions of those closest to you! If you’re not the type of person to make a grand statement with what you wear then keep things simple and festive, but avoid anything too tacky. Wear something you feel comfortable in, if you find yourself anxiously adjusting your outfit in the changing room mirror then it’s not the right choice! 4-Plan your journey home – Make sure you’re not the one left standing alone at the end of the party. Arrange to share a taxi with people that live nearby or if that’s not possible then book a hotel. If you find yourself experiencing an energy shut down in the early stages of the party or have had a little too much to drink then ensure someone knows you’re leaving, and that you’ve got home safely. 5-Leave personal issues at home – We’ve all seen the guest who spends the whole party crying on the shoulders of helpless colleagues. Whatever your situation you find yourself in over Christmas, leave your personal problems at the door. While there’s nothing wrong with wearing your heart on your sleeve, after a few drinks you could end up putting others in an awkward situation. If you have issues with colleagues or other party guests then make a decision to sort things out before the party or to try and past them. The last thing you want is to end up in a drunken confrontation that you will regret the next day! We hope this guide has helped to solve some of the tricky etiquette dilemmas that come along with the Christmas party! Have fun but use these tips and don’t be the drunken casualty that everyone is talking about the next day. If you fit into your work social scene and behave well at the Christmas party you could find yourself prospering in the workplace as a result, so bear in mind our tips and have a great night to remember! Feeling down this festive season? Psychic Light can help you. No matter your situation, our readers offer a friendly voice, giving advice or just being a sympathetic ear. Our Happy Holidays Offer* is your first Christmas present of the year with £5 off every credit card reading in December. *(Call Freephone 0800 915 2347 and Quote ‘XMAS 2012’, Valid 1st December – 31st December 2012 9am to Midnight. Use as many times as you like during the offer period)  

Posted: 12/12/2012

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