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Our Psychics

Psychic Readings with our Sincere and Insightful Team

First formed in the year 2000, Psychic Light has come to be one of the leading international telephone psychic companies in the world.

We have gathered a team of highly experienced telephone readers, who offer a wide range of reading styles. They bring with them a wealth of life experience, spiritual guidance expertise and above all are friendly and empathetic to your needs.

All of our readers are very gifted and highly intuitive; some purely in clairvoyance, while others are clairaudient and clairsentient. Many offer medium readings and others will give Tarot card readings. All provide clients’ with sincere insightful readings straight from the heart.

To find the reader best suited to you, simply take a look through the detailed descriptions of our psychic readers and clairvoyants below. Just click on your chosen reader’s image or ‘read more’ link to view their profile in more depth and find out what other clients said about them…

  • Psychic Reader Aelissa
    PIN: 4444


    My name is Aelissa, my life path and ancestry is Celtic. Many of my ancestors and present family are psychic. I'm psychic, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and a ...
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  • Psychic Reader Alice
    PIN: 6543


    Alice is a highly experienced psychic consultant with particular expertise in tarot, she is also a hypnotherapist and specialises in past life regression. She has provided her...
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  • Psychic Reader Angel
    PIN: 1441


    Angel has a strong psychic gift which she was born with, going beyond her actual years to ancient Zen wisdom. She thinks of herself as a sister of the ‘Soul Light’...
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  • Psychic Reader Anthony
    PIN: 8004


    My earliest memories are of my grandmother doing Tarot card readings for her clients. The love and the pure power of her energy sparked something in my young mind and I knew t...
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  • Psychic Reader Bryony
    PIN: 2727


    Bryony is a very spiritual reader who works with her guide to tune into your energies and auras and assist you in your journey in your life. She will tune in to your partner t...
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  • Psychic Reader Ellie
    PIN: 1180


    Ellie is a clairaudient, clairsentient and spiritual medium and comes from a Turkish gypsy background with Psychic abilities since childhood. When clients have a reading with ...
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  • Psychic Reader Fran
    PIN: 1133


    I am a clairvoyant medium/psychic, I see, feel and hear Spirit and have done so since I was four years of age. I have psychics on both side of my family - my maternal mother w...
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  • Psychic Reader Gill
    PIN: 3553


    Hello, my name is Gill; for many years I have been an experienced psychic. I work with my own abilities and I also have a spirit guide that assists me. There are certain times...
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  • Psychic Reader Harry
    PIN: 3895


    Harry felt Spirit from an early age; he could see Spirit, hear and feel their presence all around him. One Sunday evening he went with his grandmother to a local Spiritualist ...
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  • Psychic Reader Hazel
    PIN: 1122


    Hazel is a natural psychic medium with over thirty years of experience; she has extensive knowledge of platform readings and has a long established relationship with her Spiri...
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  • Psychic Reader Hope
    PIN: 3203


    Hope combines natural clairvoyance with mediumship and crystal ball to tremendous effect. With over 20 years experience Hope specialises in relationship and family issues as w...
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  • Psychic Reader Jasmine
    PIN: 5115


    Jasmine is a clairsentient, clairvoyant medium. She is a natural healer with a special affinity with animals and has been working with her guides for over 30 years. She is ab...
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  • Psychic Reader Jim
    PIN: 3151


    Jim’s background is as an active member of the spiritualist church, participating in and speaking at church services, including platform demonstrations alongside some of...
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  • Psychic Reader Joanna
    PIN: 4567


    Joanna is a qualified tarot reader with experience both within the UK and abroad. She has devoted her life to spiritual study and growth. Nothing can shock or fluster Joanna a...
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  • Psychic Reader John
    PIN: 5152


    My name is John, and I am a spiritual medium, working in churches and halls in the United Kingdom and overseas. I have had the gift of spirit from a young age, but not using i...
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  • Psychic Reader Julie
    PIN: 3123


    Julie is a natural psychic and a premier platform medium, she has been doing this work professionally for 16 years and also now runs psychic workshops. Specialising in love a...
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  • Psychic Reader Karen
    PIN: 5791


    My name is Karen, and from my early teens I came to know spirit and started doing predictions for friends. I assisted them in their personal life with their relationships and ...
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  • Psychic Reader Lucy
    PIN: 3565


    I'm Lucy. I have worked as a clairvoyant for around 12 years, although my interest and awareness of the psychic and paranormal began in childhood, aged 8. When reading I ...
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  • Psychic Reader Marcus
    PIN: 9399


    Hi my name is Marcus and I have been a professional psychic now for over 10 years. When I was a teenager I knew there was something different about me. I could tell when a fri...
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  • Psychic Reader Mariah
    PIN: 1881


    Mariah is a very experienced clairvoyant and medium with a background within the Spritualist Church, including platform demonstrations. She has been aware of her gift from a y...
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  • Psychic Reader Martyn
    PIN: 3322


    Martyn is a confident and gifted reader, with over 32 years of reading experience; he is both kind and considerate whilst providing strong guidance especially with love and re...
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  • Psychic Reader Mary
    PIN: 5055


    I knew from a very young age that I was gifted. I trained as a nurse and this is where I found my calling to be a healer. I am a naturally sensitive and intuitive psychic, cla...
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  • Psychic Reader Mavis
    PIN: 1010


    I am a professional, internationally-known medium clairvoyant and have worked with my gift for almost 25 years. Through my in-depth readings I can give guidance and direction,...
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  • Psychic Reader Michaela
    PIN: 3232


    Michaela's first spiritual experience happened 30 years ago, and this dramatically changed her life. Later she was guided by a mystic for 5 years. She has been a psychic ...
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  • Psychic Reader Monique
    PIN: 2321


    My name is Monique and I am lucky to have been given a gift that I can share with you. I see and feel things that come to me through images in my minds eye or as a voice. I am...
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  • Psychic Reader Norma
    PIN: 1414


    Hello, I am Norma. I have been doing readings for over twenty years, using my clairsentient skills to guide others. I was given this gift when my own life was in chaos and I w...
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  • Psychic Reader Paula
    PIN: 5454


    I aim to give an open spirit contact. Over many years, I have had many clients who have come back to tell me that they were amazed by my intuition and abilities. Being a ...
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  • Psychic Reader Robbie
    PIN: 3443


    Robbie is a very positive and powerful trance medium, healer and intuit. A natural psychic since childhood, he works with his Samurai guide Yashubi and Archangel Metatron to c...
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  • Psychic Reader Ruth
    PIN: 2022


    I decided to follow my spiritual path seriously some years ago after realising that my life just wasn’t working the way I wanted it to. After completing my Reiki Masters...
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  • Psychic Reader Sandra
    PIN: 2662


    My work has taken me all over the world, I get messages from spirit through thoughts, feelings and visions; I work on your voice vibration which assists with the connection wi...
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  • Psychic Reader Seph
    PIN: 1369


    My name is Sepherenia my friends call me Seph, I have been with Psychic Light since the beginning. I was born into a family of Celtic Seers I am a direct descendant of th...
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  • Psychic Reader Sheila
    PIN: 4545


    I come from a very spiritual family and have always been aware of the higher side of life. I learned how to use my ability a long time ago and have been reading for people in ...
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  • Psychic Reader Suneet
    PIN: 3882


    Suneet is a natural born psychic; with a strong clairvoyant gift. She is known for her honest yet compassionate style so readings are delivered to empower you on your journey ...
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  • Psychic Reader Theresa
    PIN: 8009


    Theresa is a seventh generation psychic and medium; her grandmother has been a strong influence in her life, teaching her how to make the best of the tools she has inherited. ...
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  • Psychic Reader Toby
    PIN: 2333


    My name is Tobias and my friends call me Toby, I am the husband of Sepherenia and we have been married for over 26 years. I am a natural psychic, empathic, and I work with my ...
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